Camping at Corinth

Cross City R.V. Park

Good-bye Gulf State Park. On our way home, we wanted to take a different route. So, I used Campendium and found Cross City R.V. Park in Corinth, Mississippi for our one night stopover. It had good reviews, so I called and booked our stay.

The reason I called Cross City R.V. Park was because there was no online system to make reservations. And, when I called, no payment was required, just a “Please call us back if your plans change.” Things seemed a little old fashioned. Should I be worried?

What we found was that Cross City R.V. Park and its owner, Jim, were a delight. It is a small, privately owned RV park with just 23 spaces. Yet, the campground offers full hook ups along with several pull through sites. The campground has one bathroom, complete with tub/shower as well as a laundry room with one washer and one dryer.

White board with drawing of campground with names on campsites.
Reservation System

We wanted to buy a gallon of milk on our travels there, but we didn’t find a place. So, upon check-in, we asked Jim where we could buy milk. He offered to run up to town and get it for us. We accepted his offer thinking we’d give him a tip for doing so. Later, he delivered our milk and refused a tip. By the way, a gallon of milk in Corinth is $2.02, including tax.

After we set up, we relaxed in the open area near the check-in desk. Here there is a nice picnic bench, a rocking chair, a hanging swing and a most wonderful breeze. We chatted with Jim for a while. As a side note, the sites in our section didn’t have a picnic table or fire ring. There is a second section, which I did not see, behind some trees. Jim said those sites are generally for folks who stay longer, such as construction workers.


View of RV Park
from Headquarters
Brochure for Cross City R.V. Park

During our visit, several campers came by and chatted with the owner. We told one guy how Jim had gotten a gallon of milk for us. His reply was, “Jim’s the best.” And we got that feeling from all around.

In our conversation, Jim mentioned there are some civil war sites in the area. But what really piqued my interest was when he mentioned Helen Keller’s childhood home is about 50 miles away in Tuscumbia. “Ivy Green” is definitely on the agenda for the next time we are in the area – which, God willing, is next year.

Besides the charm of this place, here’s what stuck with me. This RV park is only seven years old. He told us once he retired, he wanted something to do. He already had the land, so he decided to turn it into an RV park. He mentioned he was 73 years old, so if I’m figuring correctly, he started this all when he was 65 or 66. Retirement, for him, was a whole new beginning.

He said he enjoys having the RV park, and that the park is full most every night. He said there are plans to build another bath house in the next year. The campground is clean, well-kept, and located right off the highway. We paid $22 for our night there. This review of Cross City RV Park is un-bought, so don’t think I’m in cahoots with the owner. But we definitely plan to return. I just have to make that call.

Camper Birdhouse.
The perfect spot
for us lovebirds.


  1. What a wonderful experience. Yes, parks and owners like that are out there. We stayed at one called Cajun Haven and run by “Killer Miller”. As he put it anyone who stays with me is my friend and my friends all call me “Killer”. What a fantastic experience. The other we stayed at in the Florida Panhandle was The Hitchnpost Coral and Campground run by a widow by the name of Vonda. She met you as you came in with a smile that was a country mile wide. She escorted you to your site and then put a welcome mat down for you to use during your stay.. Another absolutely wonderful experience. And neither overnight stay cost us more than $25 for a dead level FHU site. Discovering people like this make the full time life so rewarding and fulfilling. Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a name – “Killer Miller!” I am glad everyone who stays with him is his friend; I wouldn’t want to be his enemy! Yes, we have met so many good, nice people. It’s nice to know the world still have people like that! Don’t you love the dead level FHU sites? When the leveling is easy, it feels like we won the lottery! Safe travels, and enjoy your week!


    • Yes, it is nice to know there are many good people in the world. We plan to return to Corinth and stay a few nights, checking out the area, and we plan to stay there for one night stopovers when passing through the area. It’s not a resort type campground, but still a great place. Enjoy your day!


  2. I would get an RV when I retire. Sounds great travelling all over, getting to see sites all around the US. Getting to do so with my spouse makes me look forward to those years.
    I’m ready to retire now 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Save your money! 🙂 It is wonderful, and we are so very blessed. But – until you retire, I know you do important work, so bless you for that.


    • Well, I wouldn’t call it a “service.” The owner, Jim, was just a heck of a nice guy. It was a pleasure to meet him and stay there. I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

    • We are headed to Corinth later this month. We’ll be staying three nights there, and, of course, I’ll be posting about what we do there. You are more than welcome for the post. Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

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