Worlds Collide

Globe with eyes.
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What happens when your virtual world and your real world come together?

Well, that happened to me recently, and you can read about it in this post written by a fellow blogger, Grandpa.

If you enjoy reading his post, please give it a “Like” and leave a comment. We all love getting comments, don’t we?

And, if you enjoy reading quality content about travel, you may want to consider subscribing to The Adventures of Grammi and Grandpa. It is one of my favorite blogs!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Betty! I’ve met several “cyber” friends over the years and have had a positive experience every single time. They’ve all become lifelong friends who we get together with “in real life” whenever possible. Hubs has also met many of my cyber friends in person and is always amazed at what fine people they are. I guess, when we connect with people who share similar interests and personalities for a span of time, we really “do” know each other before meeting face to face.

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    • This was my first time meeting a fellow blogger in person. It was lovely! Yes, there are many fine people in the world. Some of whom are campers – and bloggers! 🙂 P.S.I replied earlier, but my comment disappeared. We are camping, so I’m not sure if the internet cut out or …? Later, I will probably see both comments.

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    • You are welcome! I really enjoy his blog. We arrived home on a Thursday afternoon from our Gulf Shores trip, and they were leaving the next morning. Their campsite was 10 minutes from our house. All the stars aligned for us to visit, and it sure was a good one. Thanks for reading, as always, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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