1. I think it was my grandmother after plowing all day.
    But, I take it this means we should recognize it? Looks like a Texas armadillo to me, dressed as a pioneer woman. However, please note that she has mastered the art of the “Princess Diana slant”. 🙂

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    • Well, it is perhaps a stretch, but several of my readers mentioned they visit Colorado regularly. I think she looks pretty good. Your grandmother must have been hardy to look so nice after a day of plowing.

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  2. I’m in an area with very slow internet. As this photo loaded one pixel at a time, I asked myself’ “what in the world is it?” After it loaded and I could see the entire photo, I asked myself, “what in the world is it?” I’m inclined to agree with Suzassippi’s assessment. — Happy Days and Safe Travels.

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    • Oh, you are making me laugh out loud! And I am sorry you are in a place with such slow internet. Especially on this Wordless Wednesday. I’ll make a post tomorrow, to reveal what you all see as either Suzassippi’s grandmother after a day of plowing or a Texas armadillo dressed up as a pioneer woman.

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