What Do You See?

Betty sitting on a bench with a bronze sculpture of a lady giraffe.

Is it Suzassippi’s grandmother after a day of plowing?

Or is it a Texas armadillo dressed up as a pioneer lady?

Now, to be fair, the Texas armadillo idea isn’t too far off.

My dear readers, it is art.

More specifically, it is “Longmont Art in Public Places” and, even more specifically, it is part of an “explorable interactive sculpture series.”

This charming bronze giraffe is a fictional character, Manilda G. Raffe, who was commissioned in 2001. She sits in Roosevelt Park, in Longmont, Colorado.

Manilda tells her fictional story of going to the train station to hear Vice President Theodore Roosevelt speak at Longmont’s 30th anniversary celebration. She settled in Longmont with a large inheritance from her father’s tea company, “New Moon Tea.”

Now, Manilda supported many causes and was a member of the “Local Ladies League” which built schools, hospitals, and, of course, parks.

Dan and I met her on our recent visit to Longmont. Each morning, we looked for a different place to walk, and one morning, there she was. Her story is told on a bronze plaque, and in a unique twist, she has left a number of items along the park’s path, just for the fun of finding them.

Bronze sculpture of gloves on a rock.
Bronze sculpture of an umbrella on a rock.
Bronze sculpture of a teapot and a teacup on a rock.

Roosevelt Park also features a massive 20th Century Veterans Memorial Garden, a fantastic display of roses of every color imaginable.

Peach colored roses.
20th Century Veterans Memorial
Yellow roses.

What an inspiring park we found! Beautiful flowers in tribute to our veterans! An interactive sculpture that inspires imagination, discovery, and learning – all with a smile. Mountains in the distance encouraging us to rise above.

Do you see it now?

Or is it still Suzassippi’s grandmother after a day of plowing?

Walking path in Roosevelt Park in Longmont Colorado.


  1. Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and I be holding a quizzical expression😳. Maybe had it been painted yellow would I have guessed a giraffe. Certainly if it had a longer neck I would of figured it out. Nonetheless, it is a lovely sculpture, though I am not convinced it’s not Suzassippi’s grandmother. 😉

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    • Perhaps some of the beauty is in the skill of the photographer. My photo did not do this sculpture justice; the sun was so bright. Even so, the beauty of art is that it speaks differently to each of us. I do have an eye for the quirky, as you say. So be warned – more quirky coming tomorrow. 🙂 Safe travels, and enjoy your day!


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