Travel Trailer Trials

Potable water at campground dump station.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, How many stickers do you think are on a typical travel trailer? The Flagstaff Micro Lite 23FBKS, owned by Betty and Dan Chambers, has 33 stickers on the outside. 33! That is not counting any stickers that say “Micro Lite” or any stickers put on by Betty and Dan, like the United States sticker map or the name of a certain blog that is prominently displayed across the back.

The 33 stickers we are talking about today, Ladies and Gentlemen, are just the stickers that were originally on the travel trailer at the time of purchase. These stickers name things on the trailer or provide information for the buyer and often contain words like “warning” or “caution.”

That, Your Honor, is the first item to be entered for the defense.

The second piece of evidence, on behalf of the defense, is the number of times Mr. and Mrs. Chambers camp without full hookups per year. Full hookups, Your Honor, are electrical, water and sewer connections. These connections, if you will Your Honor, turn camping into glamping.

Your Honor, these two here today only camp once a year without full hookups. Just once a year! That’s all, Your Honor, because Dan just has to have the full hook ups.

Please consider, Your Honor, that the reason these two forego the water and sewer convenience once a year, is to be with family. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they want to be with family. Those are the kind of people we’re dealing with here today. Family people.

And now, Your Honor, I would like to call Dan and Betty, the family people, to the witness stand.

Dan and Betty, what is it you were attempting to do at the “dump station” on July 19th at approximately 2:15 p.m.?

Dan and Betty: We were attempting to fill our fresh water tank with potable water. Now is it pote-able or pot-able? Because we are never quite sure exactly how to say it.

Fresh water drain. The drain is open as water is coming out.

Please just answer the question. So as you began to fill the fresh water tank, can you tell us what happened next?

Dan: Well, I saw some water coming out from under the travel trailer, and Betty said, “That doesn’t seem right.”

So then what?

Dan and Betty: At that point, we looked at the sticker and said, “Oh, that’s what that means!”

What sticker? There are 33 stickers on your travel trailer. Do you mean the one that says, “”?

Betty: No, that’s my very exciting blog that I write for fun, and I get lots of compliments on it. You really should subscribe, you know, so you don’t miss anything.

Dan: We mean the sticker that says, “Fresh Water Drain.”

Didn’t this happen last year when you camped without full hookups?

Dan and Betty: No, never before. We never ever saw water coming out of our travel trailer before when we were filling the fresh water tank. Ever.

So, what happened next?

Dan and Betty: Well, we after we read the sticker, we looked at the doohickey thingy underneath. Then one of us said, “Hey, it looks like the top part of that thing could turn.” And the other one of us said, “Well, maybe that would make the water stop coming out.”

So, did you?

Betty and Dan: Did we what?

Did you turn the top of the doohickey thingy to close it?

Betty and Dan: Yep. We sure did.

So, what you’re telling us is that you discovered your travel trailer has a fresh water drain. And this fresh water drain can be used to empty the fresh water tank when necessary. For example, when you’re done camping and you wish to empty the fresh water tank, so you don’t have the weight of the water when you’re traveling down the road. Or another example, might be when you are sanitizing the fresh water tank and wish to empty the water and small amount of bleach put in there to kill any germs and mold.

Betty and Dan: Yes, that’s right. Did you watch that video on Youtube, too?

Campsite without full hookups.

Judge: I am dismissing this case because of lack of evidence. It’s all water under the bridge – or rather the trailer – now. Plus I need to go check something on my travel trailer.


  1. 😂😂 I’m going to tell all my blogger friends today to hurry over to Betty’s blog for a laugh. “Her post is about passing water,” I’ll say.🤣🤣
    I hope you have a wonderful day! Blessings.

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  2. What a fun read. One I can definitely relate to. Happy Camping! We’re headed out in a few days to celebrate my birthday by camping with several members of my family at a lovely lake in Kansas. Yes, full hook ups, so no fresh water fill of potable water only. The forecast temperatures are highs in the 100’s. If I don’t melt there may be a blog post forthcoming. Thanks for the light-hearted start to the day. I feel like checking all the stickers on our trailer now. Well, as long as there is shade involved.

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  3. Oh boy reading this was a hoot. It also brought back so many memories of “like” experiences I’ve had over the years. But like they (whoever “they” are) always say its a good day when you learn something new. Enjoy your time away and with family.

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    • I really felt like we should have known about this. All I could think of was why we didn’t. Excuses. 😊. We have learned so much since we got this trailer. We are enjoying the weather here. Highs in the 70s. Enjoy your weekend, too!


  4. This is funny, but I’m left with questions. How did the drain valve get opened? Is someone tampering with you camper? Did someone open it while you had it in storage? Was it open last year? Do you not keep some water in the tank for flushing on travel days? Do you winterize the camper yourself? Who is this judge? Why would he dismiss this case without knowing the answer to these questions? Where is Perry Mason when you need him?🧐

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    • I understand your questions! We have the dealer winterize and dewinterize our trailer. So, I’m thinking this year the worker forgot to close that valve. And the worker did not forget the two previous years. We bought our trailer in October 2018, and so this is only the 3rd year we have brought it to Michigan. We use nearly all the water in tank,so we haven’t worried about draining it out. And that gives us a bit if we need to flush otherwise – which we rarely do. On our travels, we stop at rest areas along the way, and we always choose full hook up campgrounds – except for our time in Michigan. All in all, we should have known about this “feature”, and Perry Mason has probably gone camping.

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