1. Oh my, does this bring back memories! When we still lived in our house, we had a similar tree in our back yard. It wasn’t quite as tall. I bought one of those face kits, added a hat, and hung flower pots from his “arms”. Our pre-teen daughter would say, “That’s so lame, Mom” and I’d crack up laughing. 😂

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  2. This threw me for a loop. When I first saw it, I thought some kind of headless creature. When I saw the eyes under the arms I was confused. Then I thought those aren’t arms, they’re ears. But what is that thing on its head— a hat? Still confused, I considered it might be someone from grammi’s side of the family — maybe an uncle. How could that be though? You don’t know her family. Finally I got it. You are at the modern art museum. That piece is probably worth a million bucks. Have a nice day.

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    • Oh, you have me laughing! Someone from Grammi’s side of the family? Does she know you said that? 🙂 Now, that you say that, it does kind of look like one of my uncles! This tree is at “Hermans Farm Orchard” which is near our home where we go to buy homegrown corn and tomatoes. So, I guess you could say this tree is corny! The laughs keep coming! Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Well, now I know when we meet, I should give you a hug! Yes, I thought we were getting close to normal,but things have made a u-turn – especially where you are! Stay safe, keep smiling and enjoy all the trees and the people in your life!

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