Can’t Handle It

Kitchen faucet in travel trailer.

“I want to say just one word to you. Are you listening? Plastics. There’s a great future in plastics.”

The quote wasn’t exactly that, but I bet it’s close enough for you to know right where it came from – if you are anywhere close to my age. And even if you’re not, you still might know.

The problem is “plastics” didn’t turn out quite like we thought.

Including the plastic faucet in our travel trailer.

When we bought our travel trailer, I didn’t realize the kitchen and bathroom faucets were plastic. And honestly, as long as they work and look nice, I don’t care. However, after two plus years of owning our travel trailer, the kitchen faucet was all washed up. In other words, it broke.

Here’s the skivvy. The faucet handle is inserted into the bottom piece and twists onto something else in there which is how the water is turned on and off. Sorry for all the technical terms; I hope you’re still with me. Well, the round part on the end of the handle – which is the part that twists onto something else – cracked.

Faucet handle with crack.

So, whenever I tried to turn the water on, the handle would just fall off. When I tried to twist it back on, round and round it went.

This happened when we were in Michigan. We still had several days there, so we fixed it the way almost everything in the world can be fixed – with duct tape. Fortunately, this repair got us through most, but not all, of our remaining days there. The last day or so, we just didn’t use the hot water in the kitchen.

Once home, I searched online to find a replacement handle. All I wanted was the handle – or a set of handles. But I could not find the exact match anywhere. I could find a whole new faucet, but it wasn’t cost effective to buy the whole new faucet just for the handles – if they would even work.

Replacing the whole faucet was beyond what Dan and I and Youtube could do. I know. I looked under the sink. Plus, if the entire faucet were going to be replaced, it wouldn’t be with a plastic one. Sorry Mr. McGuire.

Maybe Facebook could help. I asked in the “Rockwood Mini Lite – Flagstaff Micro Lite Fan Club” if anyone knew where I could purchase the handles. I posted a picture of the ones we had, and I explained why we needed it. I said I wanted to replace just that part. I had several nice responses telling me “it might be easier to replace the whole faucet.” Someone else recommended a faucet with a “slightly longer, higher neck – much easier to use the sink.” Someone else said something about going to Lowes. While I appreciate the responses with good intentions, the responses did not help me.

At this point, I thought we’d have to go to the dealer ($50 in gas for round trip), pay the $50 deductible (under our warranty), and we’d likely get a nice, brand new plastic kitchen faucet.

But I was wrong. And boy, was I happy to be wrong. That doesn’t usually happen.

On the third day after my Facebook question, which is a lifetime on Facebook, I received a message from Justin. He said he was going to be replacing his faucet in a few days, and he could mail me his old handle. Can you believe it? I felt like I had won the lottery! Hallelujah!

I offered to pay the shipping, but Justin said he wasn’t worried about it. He said he was just glad he could help us out. He told me he’d let me know when he mailed it – which he did.

Cat looking at box faucet handles came in.

In about five days, our “new to us” plastic handles showed up. The handles were wrapped in a paper towel, put into a zip lock bag, and then wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in the cardboard box for mailing.

I don’t know anything about Justin, but with that level of attention to detail, I just bet he is successful at anything he undertakes. He even sent both handles (hot and cold are interchangeable), so not only do we have the broken one replaced, we also have a backup! Happy days are here again!

In addition to Justin helping us out with our broken travel trailer faucet, he did one other thing for me, too. He lifted my spirits. I do know there are many nice people in the world, but it sure is nice to experience it first hand.

Thank you, Justin, and Safe Travels. Lord knows, the world needs people like you.


  1. That just made me smile, Betty. Thank you for sharing it (and the “fun” part of the rest of the story). It is always spirit-lifting to be the recipient of kindness for no reason other than someone’s desire to be of help.

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  2. I love that! I bet Justin is as happy as you are to find a home for his faucet. We have noticed when researching RV’s that “light” (as in easier to tow, etc) means more plastic and “cheaper” fixtures that aren’t going to last as long. In my mind there are opposing goals going on which is frustrating!

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  3. I’m so happy to see the handles made it to you safely. Also happy that they were the correct ones! I’ve been taught to help someone when you can. Not enough of that going around anymore! Thanks for sharing this all on your blog which is fantastic btw. God bless and safe travels!

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  4. I’m glad you were able to find replacement handles. It was so kind of Justin to think of you when replacing his faucet. We went the other route and replaced the whole kitchen faucet with a taller one with a built in sprayer. (Kenn doesn’t care for plumbing but he’ll try his had at it.)

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    • I am sure your solution is better for the long-term. Our talents lie elsewhere. Ha ha. The built-in sprayer is a great feature. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


  5. Thank goodness for people like Justin. Gee, I wonder if he would be willing to replace your faucet now that he has experience in doing so! We replaced all our faucets with metal ones with removable strainers on the end. They do clog from time to time. However, I digress. Just glad the problem was resolved. Have a great day.

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    • Justin was so nice, he might be willing to consider replacing our faucet. However, there’s just one problem. He is in Pennsylvania. We live in Missouri. 🙂 I’m happy the problem was resolved, too. I do like the idea of the removable strainers on the end. I’ll keep that in mind should we ever run out of backup plans and have to replace the whole shebang. Hope you’re having a good week.


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