1. Unless I’m missing something, aside from the proportion of the info sign to the house, I don’t see too much of an oops in the first photo, Betty. Those shadows and reflections in the other photos happen often in my world. I have an app called “Retouch” that edits them out. Sometimes it works great and other times it leaves a mess, depending on how complex the image is behind the shadow. A shadow on pavement or grass edits out nicely. If the shadow is for example, on a written plaque, the result isn’t so great.

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    • I had a way different picture in my mind for the first photo. I didn’t plan on blocking out most of the cottage. So, I laughed when I saw the outcome on my Chromebook. As far as shadows, I am trying to avoid taking pictures when the sun is high in the sky – which is difficult since that’s when we are usually out and about. You are much more the photographer than I! Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your day!

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    • Pocket shots! Thanks for the chuckle! And, you remind me – I do have lots of shots of my foot on the ground. All my photos are taken with my phone. Enjoy your day!


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