What Kind of Picture Taker Are You?

Do you consider yourself to be a photographer? Do you like taking pictures?

Now, I do take a lot of pictures. Many of them are of Dan. And, if I’m not taking a picture of him, he usually has to wait while I take pictures of something else.

But really, I don’t consider photography to be a hobby of mine. While I enjoy it, I have other passions that outrank taking pictures. I take pictures for just two reasons. One is to capture the memories. This is important, and while I often want to be just “in the moment” and not worry about taking pictures, I am always glad to see the pictures afterward. The second reason I use my phone camera is to have pictures for my blog. I think they dress up a post, make it more interesting, add color and interest, and finally, break up the text.

When it comes to blogging, my first, and really my only love, is the writing. One blogger I follow, Grampa, gets an A+ in my book for both writing and his pictures. Every time I see one of his posts, I know I am in for a treat. You may already read his blog, but if not, check it out. I find it awe-inspiring. Both his words and his pictures are simply beautiful.

I also admire my son’s wife’s father. Did you follow that? Michael Smith is his name, and photography is his hobby. Michael is truly an artist when it comes to his photography. I often find his photographs to be simply stunning. Michael recently started a blog to showcase and promote his photography. He is not on WordPress; rather, he is on Blogspot. But even so, I recommend you check out his blog and possibly, all the other social media links on his page, if you partake in any of that stuff. Those of you who are really into photography will find a kindred soul along with links to others. The rest of us will simply enjoy his artwork.


  1. Good morning, Betty! I’m a hobby photographer who also loves writing. Photo editing is another fun aspect of my photography hobby. My writing style comes from a creative writing course I took many years ago. I love the ongoing learning that arises from these passions. Thanks for the links in your post. 😊

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    • Good Morning, Terry! Of course, I thought of you when writing this post. You are another great photographer – a true artist. I always enjoy your posts. I love the learning, too. And I also love where my passion takes me. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your day!

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      • Oh dear! I sure wasn’t looking for recognition in your post or through your reply, Betty! Your post was headed up with the question, “What kind of picture taker are you?”, so I guessed that you were hoping for answers to that question in the comments. At any rate, thank you for your kind comments in your reply. I hope your day is great too!

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        • I didn’t think you were looking for recognition. I did want you to know I thought of you when writing this post as I do think of you as a great photographer. And you are right – I am looking for readers to answer the question which I hope leads to an interesting discussion for all. You are welcome, and I look forward to your next posts – and especially your photos! 🙂

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  2. I use my camera on my phone. My son has a really nice camera and takes really good nature photos but I cant get him to post them anywhere. I would love to have a camera like his to get better photos, but can’t justify the cost when my phone pictures work for what I do.

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    • I always use my phone camera – whether it is for my blog or to capture the memories. I do know I can’t get a really good picture of a sunset though. Somehow, my phone camera adjusts, and it never looks as beautiful as in real life. I do love really good nature photos though. Perhaps some day your son will change his mind. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

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    • For many years, I took photos with a Nikon camera and all of the various lenses. Often, I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw a good photo opp. Other times, I dragged that heavy camera bag along only to miss good shots because of the hassle of attaching the right lens and then finding the right settings. I started following iPhone photographers on IG, and was intrigued by the quality of their photos. This prompted me to take an iPhone photography course. In this course, they said that the best camera is the one you have with you. I’ve since gifted my big camera and lenses to our daughter. Now I shoot exclusively with my phone.

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  3. I like that saying “the best camera is the one you have with you.” That is one of the things about phone cameras that make us love them, and they do take good pictures now. While I use mine often, I also love my Nikon digital with manual and auto settings, as well as two lenses. The camera I use depends on what I am photographing, and whether precision or convenience is my goal.

    Thank you also for the links to Grampa and Grammi, and to Michael Smith! Both wonderful blogs and photographs.

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    • Yes, I like that saying, too. Do you see a difference between photos taken with your phone and ones taken with your Nikon digital – especially those taken with the automatic settings? You are more than welcome for the links. And I agree; both are wonderful. Enjoy your day!

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      • Generally speaking, the Nikon has greater clarity and captures detail better. I also edit less with it because I can vary the zoom without losing sharpness. I do not usually use the manual setting on it unless I need something in particular, and the Lightroom software is effective when I need to do corrections. It will also enhance the phone photos nicely if needed.

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        • You have me at least thinking about a digital camera. I can’t zoom at all without losing sharpness. And I really would like to capture a beautiful sunset. How else can I get a fabulous Wordless Wednesday? 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  4. Betty…thank you so much for the kind words. You make me blush. I am happy you find my blog awe-inspiring.

    I am not a photographer — not by a long shot. I take pictures for the same reasons as you. Though we travel with a Nikon D5200 with 18x55mm and 55x200mm lenses, we seldom use it because of the bulkiness and added weight when hiking.

    Nearly all the photos I post are taken with my iPhone 12. It’s convenient and it is always in my pocket. I take a lot of photos. That way, odds are I will find a good one to post. Having something wonderful to photograph is my secret.

    Thanks again and as always —happy days and safe travels.

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    • You are welcome. You deserve every word. I think about how you said writing didn’t come easy to you. Doesn’t matter. It may take longer than some, but your writing is superb. I take a lot of pictures, too – because so many will not be just right. After I post, I usually delete many of them. And I agree, having something wonderful to photograph is key. I can only hope Dan and I get to a fraction of the places you and Grammi have been. Enjoy your travels, and stay safe!

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  5. I enjoy photography and I want to be that person who takes beautiful photographs. However, I dislike lugging my “real” camera and all of its associated paraphernalia around; I now take all of my photos with my phone camera. (Which is why I upgraded my phone a couple of years ago. The camera on my previous phone was horrible.)

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    • I think my phone camera is okay, maybe good enough, but not great. Every time I see a photo which is stunning and I ask what it was taken with, the answer is an iPhone. We have androids – which we are happy with. We had iPhones a while back and had battery issues. I might consider purchasing a small digital camera for better pictures at some point in the future.


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