Friday Funnies

Herbert Hoover with a small radio receiver.

Today’s Friday Funny comes from a display at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. This display was from the time period when Herbert Hoover was the Secretary of Commerce.

At the start of the 1920s, radio was a costly novelty; limited to a few thousand amateurs across the country. Then came an explosion of popular interest that within four years led to two million sets and some 530 stations – answerable to no one. Hoover changed all that, snatching regulation of the “wireless telephone” away from the Bureau of Navigation and chairing a series of conferences where it was decided that radio licenses would be limited initially to three months, that certain brands would be set aside for public service broadcasting, and that there would be no British-style regimentation of the airwaves.


Another religious sect asked Hoover for permission to build a station from which to disseminate warnings of the world’s imminent end. He told them to spend their money for the air time on existing outlets; if the world was really going to end in a month, it would be a far wiser investment.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum and Library


  1. My brother has been involved with amateur radio for many years and I enjoy hearing his stories about the capabilities it offers. He was listening in during Hurricane Ida as observers were talking to the NWS and reporting conditions. Radio has come a long way and I hope it doesn’t disappear over the Internet waves. This is a funny story! Have a good weekend!

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    • Isn’t it funny how topics link people? I remember my dad talking about how helpful amateur radio can be during a natural disaster. If the internet goes out, amateur radio can still work. I don’t know how many still pursue the hobby as compared to when I was growing up. I can remember he would “talk” with people at the south pole from our basement in St. Louis, Mo. He would also “phone patch” priests in Brazil to talk with their families here in the states. Thanks for reading and your comment. Have a good weekend, too!

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