Replacing RV Trim

Our Slide

Our 2019 Micro Lite is now three years old. Those three years went fast! Dan and I are working to take as good of care of our travel trailer as we can since we hope to have it for a long time.

We recently noticed the insert trim on our slide was cracking. The worst was the bottom piece which had completely cracked and was falling off. Both vertical sides had cracks, too. We didn’t see any cracks on the top horizontal line. Good thing, as our slide topper blocks access to the channel where the inset trim goes. The slide topper may also be blocking the sun from this section which, I’m sure, would help prevent the cracking.

1″ RV Vinyl Insert

We found the replacement vinyl insert on Amazon for $14.99. We measured to be sure it was the right size. Now, we do have an 84 month extended warranty (thrown in for free when we bought our travel trailer), but I wasn’t sure if the warranty would cover this – since it seems to be normal wear and tear. Even if it did cover the repair, we do have a $50 copay.

The installation was pretty easy. Dan loosened the screw on the lower corners, and we removed the L shaped plastic corner covering. On the top corners, we simply pulled out the old insert and managed to slide in the new insert – without loosening or removing the corners.

When we had replaced all the vinyl insert along the bottom and the two vertical sides, we put some clear silicone on the inside of the two bottom corners. We did this to prevent rain/water from going down in there.

I don’t know if this cracking could have been prevented. Maybe if we had used the 3-in-One Rubber Seal Conditioner more often, this wouldn’t have happened. We can try doing that going forward. In any case, I am always happy when Dan and I manage to fix something. As some might say, we do the happy dance!



    • Thank you! We use the sealant/conditioner on other parts of the slide, but we never used in on this insert vinyl. We were motivated to replace it because the bottom insert was falling off. 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Dan is turning into SUPER HANDYMAN. Great job. I think if I was younger and wanted to start a business, I would go to that RV tech school in Texas to learn the trade. Seems to be no shortage of things to repair. Happy days and safe travels.

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    • Thank you! Your idea of starting an RV repair business (other people, not us!) is a great idea. I am sure that RV tech school is the way to learn – rather than our method of “just in time” learning. Have a great week!


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