We Went North; Things Went South

North Sandusky – Site 43

In order to extend our stay at Rend Lake, we had to change campsites. So, we left South Sandusky campground and headed to North Sandusky campground. At that point, it all went downhill, and I don’t mean the road.

When we travel with the travel trailer, the ebikes go into the camper. Since we were just moving one campground over, I volunteered to ride my ebike to our next site. Great. That way we only had to put one ebike into the camper.

As we were putting Dan’s ebike into the travel trailer, something happened, and the ebike battery flew off the bike. We don’t know how it happened. Perhaps the bottom of the bike frame bumped the trailer step causing the battery to fall off, but we didn’t see the ebike get bumped. Or perhaps the angle of the bike and/or the movement did something? Whatever happened, the battery was locked into position, so that really added to the mystery. How could it fall off if it was locked?

Dan's ebike with missing battery.
Not Good

We picked up the battery, and there were two wires which were no longer connected into the ebike’s frame. I’m not sure they were supposed to be disconnected in that way. Assessing the situation, we realized even if we could reconnect the wires, red to red, black to black, the battery was locked, so we wouldn’t be able to put it back onto the frame. We didn’t have the key, as Dan did not bring it. There was no foreseeable reason to bring it. We don’t take the batteries off of our ebikes. Or at least we hadn’t yet.

Amazingly, no bad words were said. Probably because we were too forsaken to have the gumption to say them. Plus, we really don’t want to enlist in the navy at this point in our lives since we would have been swearing like sailors.

Obviously, that was the end of ebike riding for this trip. When we got home, we took the ebike to the Bike Stop Cafe here in St. Charles, MO.  They fixed our issue!  And they only charged us $10. So what happened?

Thank you for fixing Dan’s ebike!

The reason the battery fell off was because the screw at the bottom of the battery pack was stripped. The whole battery unit was not in there securely.  The reason the battery came off even though it was locked was because the lock part of the battery came off, too. 

Now I’m not sure how the screw came to be stripped – if it was like that when we bought the ebike or if it happened just from riding.  We did not remove the battery at all before this incident.

The ebike is ride-able again.  However, the bike shop did not have the right type of screw to replace the stripped screw. There is one screw, but there’s supposed to be two. We are using a bungee cord to secure the battery pack in place.  I’ve emailed the company from whom we purchased the ebikes and requested a replacement screw – and a few extras, just in case. Dan will put in the second screw when it arrives.

In the future, we are considering purchasing a portable ramp to make putting the bikes into the travel trailer easier, but honestly, it really isn’t that hard. I guess the lesson is to check your ebike battery to ensure it is securely in place. If you’re not sure how to check it, here’s some technical advice: Try jiggling the battery. It shouldn’t jiggle at all. The second lesson – if you’re like us and can’t fix ebikes – is to find a good bike shop.

We are very happy to live near the Bike Stop Cafe in St. Charles. Not only do they repair bikes, there is also a cafe which offers delicious breakfast and lunch options. There are lots of tables where you can eat outside. The Bike Stop Cafe is located right off the Katy Trail. As a side note, bike rentals are also available. It’s everything we bike riders could want. And the best part is . . . we can ride our ebikes there.

The Bike Stop Cafe
Our New Favorite Place


  1. Things can go south in a heartbeat. I can attest to that. Fortunately your issue seems to be all but resolved. We took delivery of our e-bikes this week. They were shipped without the batteries. Now we wait for I don’t know how long for them to arrive. Seems there is a supply issue of all sorts in this country. Have a good weekend.

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    • One of the reasons we bought the ebikes in Michigan is because the ebikes were there, and we didn’t have to wait. When I researched ordering them, I saw a lot of delays. Right now, I’m seeing ebike racks that go on a hitch (for our car) are sold out in many places. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long for the batteries. Safe travels, and have a good weekend, too!


    • Well, it’s always something is just life. I don’t know about the building, but I will find out. It is on Main Street in St. Charles which was Missouri’s first state capitol. There are a number of historical old buildings on that cobblestone street. I didn’t think about the history – just the menu! Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Oh, that’s okay! It all worked out. The ebike is still under warranty, but there is not a place where we can get warranty service locally. We are back in the saddle – we’ve got close to 400 miles on our ebikes! Hope you have a great weekend!

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    • We go camping to have adventures. We just don’t always get the kind we ordered. 🙂 The bike shop is very inviting. You can sit outside, watch the people come and go. The Katy Trail and the Missouri River are across the street as well as a larger than life statue of Lewis and Clark. And the quesadilla is delicious. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!

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    • We were so very glad! And we are happy to know Bike Stop Cafe will work on our bikes. There is another bike shop near us that won’t work on our bikes. They will only work on an ebike if bought it from them, and their ebikes are very expensive. Thanks for reading and your comment! Have a great day!

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  2. If it isn’t one thing, it is another, but I am glad this problem only cost you $10 and some hassle. And by the way, we bought an RV yesterday!!! I will blog about it when the time is right. It is a 30″ fifth wheel by Jayco, a 2018 model. It is still sitting on the dealer lot until we buy a truck to tow it. We have to figure out how to carry our bikes when using the RV. They have special bike racks for heavy ebikes (we only have 1 e assist bike, Wayne’s is a regular bike), but after reading online, it says they should not be used on an RV. What??? We may be able to put the bikes inside too.

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    • Congratulations!!! I am excited for you, and I can’t wait to read your post about it. I have always liked Jayco designs. I do believe (although I am far from an expert!) you have more possibilities with a fifth wheel than a travel trailer to put the ebikes on the back. Check into Hollywood Racks and this link: https://motowus.com/product/double-ebike-bike-carrier/ I don’t have any experience with these; I just saw this info on Facebook. Now as far as problems go – If we didn’t go anywhere, we wouldn’t have these problems. But that’s not gonna happen! Bumps happen, but they don’t stack up one inch compared to all that we enjoy on our travels and on our ebikes. Over 400 miles so far – just since 7/29!). I wish you safe and many, many fun adventures!

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      • Thank you for the link on hollywood ebike racks. I will check that out. We bought this size and type of RV because it is big enough (barely) to spend 2 months in AZ during the winter, but also small enough for National Parks (we hear, although we understand you have to do your research). We really liked the rear living floor plan with lot’s of windows. Stay tuned!

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  3. Little screws can be quickly be the death of anything. One went missing on a grain mill my wife has, and it prevented the entire thing from being used because the crank could no longer be turned. One tiny screw! It took us over a week to get a replacement for it, and like you we decided to order extras for when this happens again. Glad the bike is back in motion again! – Marty

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    • Thanks, Marty! Yes, one tiny screw! Glad your grain mill is back in business, too. Now, the trick will be remembering where we put the extras when/if the time comes when we need them. Have a great week ahead!

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