Wordless Wednesday – Decision from the Bench

Bench at scenic overlook
Original Cropped Photo
I thought the trees gave a heart-shaped view of the overlook.
Bench view from scenic overlook
View from the Bench – Taken at Eye Level
View of the parking lot which is several feet above the bench.
The Explanation
All I did, Your Honor,
was take a picture.


  1. We truly are on the same wave length many times, Betty. This morning I debated posting a similar photo of a bench looking out over the river here, and then opted for something else. Nice view from your bench!

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    • Isn’t that funny? I could see if we both thought of “fall” pictures, along with many others – since it is fall after all. But a bench overlooking a river is pretty specific and not really seasonal. I do really like your post today. I learned something new (the mindfulness exercise) as well as something to ponder – the thought of focus when going about one’s day. A new idea – or bringing an oldie, but goodie to front of mind makes for an excellent post and enriches those who read it. I bet your bench picture is great, too! Enjoy your day!

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      • I’ll post my bench photo tomorrow. It’s from a few weeks ago. I’m having to rely on older photos for the time being, as I can’t manage my phone camera with one hand. I’m happy you enjoyed my post today, Betty.

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    • I have to solve this. Even though it is Wordless Wednesday, I am, later today, posting a second picture taken while sitting on the bench. And I will label it as such. It’s no bother, just a nice ride on my ebike.

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    • You’re welcome. Your keen eye took this post in an unexpected and fun (at least for me) direction. Plus, I think my photography skills are a bit improved as well. I had not even thought about the “drop down” effect. Enjoy your day!

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    • This picture generated a lot more discussion than I would have ever thought! I just took it as I thought the trees framed a pretty view. In any case, hope you are having a great week!

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