• It’s actually a stretch limo! I’m sitting there, at the campground, in our travel trailer, eating breakfast. I look out the window and see a limo go by. Dan, a limo just went by. They parked down the road a bit, and a couple got out and took a walk down by the river. Later, when we were taking our walk, it was still there, so we took advantage of the photo op. They returned a day or so later, parked and took a walk again. They weren’t camping, just visiting, and I guess enjoying the park and river view. Still, seeing a limo in the campground was a first for us.

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    • It sure was a surprise to us! The couple driving it weren’t dressed up, so who knows what the story was. So, we saw barges, trains, and limos at this campground. Lol. I bet you had many adventures where what happened was far beyond anything you could have imagined! Hope you’re having a great week!


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