1. Haha! Good one! At this time of year, one of our grocery stores always has a skeleton dressed up and sitting at either customer service or at a checkout. I checked back 3 or 4 times yesterday to see your Friday funny. It was Friday all day for me yesterday. Does that ever happen to you? Hubs and I always joke that every day in retirement is Saturday, but Friday? 🤷‍♀️

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    • Ha ha! That happens to me ALL THE TIME! As long as I don’t miss something, I guess it’s okay. 🙂 I appreciate you checking back several times. Hope you have a good Friday!

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    • Yes, this is a neighbor’s house. He goes all out for Halloween and Christmas. Many people in our neighborhood go all out. We have a light up jack-o-lantern and 3 metal Halloween people. So, we don’t have too much, just a bit. Hope you have a great Friday!


    • Yes, a lot of people in our neighborhood really decorate. He went all out last year at Christmas. He said he wanted to do something to cheer everyone up. And he certainly did. Now, he has a reputation to live up to!

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