Friday Funnies – 11/19/2021

Bed made with pillow in it and sticking up in the middle.
What the heck?

Did this ever happen at your home?

Dan made the bed and didn’t notice the little knee pillow until after he was done. Even with the pillow still in the bed, he decided the job was done.

What would you do? Would you leave it like that? What do you think I did?

Happy Friday!


  1. Our Boston Terrier used to sleep with us every night. She was a very late sleeper and I made up the bed often with her still under the covers, looking like your picture. Eventually she’d wake up and make her way to the edge of the bed and jump out from under the covers too the floor. Without disturbing the made bed too much.

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    • Ha! That’s funny. I once made up the bed with the cat on the pillow because she would not move. We don’t let her sleep with us as she will lay on our heads. Have a good Friday!

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    • That’s another for the “fix-it” camp! I rearrange the dishes, too – I have to if I want to get more in there! We also have the shades that you just lift up. Dan will lift them up, and then the shades are not perfectly level. Drives me crazy! I tell him we live in the wacky house. ha ha. Have a great Friday!


  2. I would leave it, he made the effort to make the bed, nothing wrong with it. Sometimes we have to oversee little flaws…. we do love them. You’ll need th pillow again in the evening and it does look still neat. Thumbs up for Dan!

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    • Since that happened, I’ve been remembering to put it on my nightstand right when I get up. I could leave it there for one day, but not on a regular basis! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. Hilarious! Usually it is a cat or dog that slips back under for a little shut eye! I have a feeling that you left it there, just for a little silliness and to see if hubby notices!

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    • Our cat has done that, too – slip under the cover up by the pillows. Actually, hubby made the bed, and left it there for me to see. It was definitely silly! Enjoy your day!


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