The Vortex is Here!

Instant Vortex Air Fryer in box.

Christmas is over. December, with all its Christmas charisma, has come and gone. Now, it is the January of a new year, and the vortex has arrived. Are you ready?

The vortex I am talking about is my new “Instant Vortex” air fryer. Besides air frying, it also roasts, bakes, and reheats. It dices and slices. If you remember that, congratulations on living this long. It’s probably because you ate your veggies. Get it?

Back to business. Anyway, I got an air fryer for Christmas. I’m excited about using it.

Air fryer sitting on kitchen counter.
Kitchen Counter Worthy

Yesterday was cold and rainy, so we decided it was our official “Air Fryer Inauguration Day.” First, we had to clean off an area on the counter. I forgot to take a “before” picture, but let’s just say the spiralizer got the boot, receipts from October were recycled, and our large glass vase for found coins now lives in the lower cabinet. Books moved to the upstairs back bedroom, and a “War of the Worlds” type cell phone holder was assigned to a ledge on the basement stairs. Only now, can we move forward.

Our first meal was salmon with teriyaki sauce. It turned out delicious as usual, just in a shorter amount of time. Now there were two “issues”:

Three pieces of salmon in air fryer.
  1. I put the salmon in during the “preheating phase.” The Vortex tells you things like “Add Food”, “Turn Food”, and “Smile More.” Just kidding about that last one. Bottom line, it didn’t seem to matter that I added the salmon too soon.
  2. I cooked the three pieces of salmon on the “air fryer” setting at 390 F degrees for seven minutes. This I got from a Youtube video. The vortex box says to roast the salmon for eight minutes, but it didn’t tell me a temperature. I’m sure there’s more than one way to cook in this baby. And as long as the food turns out okay, I can say I picked the right way.

I do have lots to learn. I checked out the website However, there wasn’t a ton of air fryer recipes there. Likely, I will rely heavily on Youtube. Feel free to share any favorites in the comments below.

Lastly, we are wondering what to name the newest member of our family. Dan suggested “Easy.” Eh. Son Danny suggested “Pierre.” Sorry, Danny, but that’s just lame. I was thinking of “Stumpy.” Which I’ve been told is worse than the other two suggestions, but I kinda like it. Any other suggestions out there?

More importantly, I need to decide what we will cook next!

Dinner.  Salad, salmon, noodles and a glass of water.
Fast Food in 2022!


    • Both “Air Head” and “Crispy” are possibilities! I kind of like “Air Head.” The salmon was very good. Tonight we’ll be trying frozen cod fillets in the air fryer. I saw a Youtube video about how to make donuts in an air fryer. Probably shouldn’t watch that one! Hope you have a great week!


  1. How about “Fred (the fryer)”? Just kidding I am bad at coming up with names. But I will be interested in hearing more about how you like it and how the food turns out. It is tempting, but not sure if I am ready for another thing on the counter.

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    • I like Fred the Fryer. We’ll have to see what name sticks. 🙂 I don’t like too many kitchen appliances either. However, there is so much one can do with an air fryer. Plus it is supposed to be healthier. Time will tell how much we use it. Tonight we are going to cook frozen cod fillets. So, we are looking forward to seeing how those turn out. We lead a very exciting life. 🙂 Have a good day!

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      • My husband likes fishing, and is actually out ice fishing right now (since the weather warmed up from -26 the other night to current mild temp of 15). His default way of cooking the fish is batter fried which is excellent, but very unhealthy. The air fryer might be a good alternative for cooking fish, so I will be waiting for your report on cooking the cod fillets.

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        • Your husband must be hearty!! Our cod is from Costco or Aldi’s, and we usually bake it. Now the frozen cod is supposed to be even tastier in the air fryer, so we’ll see. I am thinking I’ll report on several dishes in one post. I also bought onions today for onion rings, but that’ll be another night.

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  2. How about naming your new air fryer “Flash,” or some other word that says how fast it cooks? Or you could name him (are all air fryers boys?) after a character with a similar name–like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood. Agree, the salmon looks delicious!

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    • Well, this air fryer seems to have a “presence”, thus I felt it needed a name. 🙂 Who knows if it’ll stick. Your Stumpy sounds much cuter than our Stumpy! But can he cook? 🙂


  3. I’m sure you will find many easy and delicious recipes. We have one that lives on our countertop too. Though I’ve only used it once, it does get used often enough by the rest of the family to justify taking up the space. I do miss our deluxe deep fryer that we gave away to my brother. We were not using it anymore because of our no fried food diet. He was thrilled. I am sorry I can’t offer any recipes other than to say it worked well to reheat leftover pizza that one time I used it.

    Have a good day.

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    • I would bet the things you made in the deep fryer could be made in your air fryer. It seems that most anything can be made in the air fryer. So far, we’ve used it every day since we set it up. The question is will we take it in our travel trailer? Not sure. I hope you have a good day, too. Also, quick question – do you ever “back date” your posts? I missed another blogger’s post as she backed dated it. I was wondering if this is how I missed your posts before.


      • I’m sure you are right about that. We just haven’t got into it thus far. We use the Instant Pot for most cooking these days. We have three of them. One stays in the camper.

        I don’t purposely backdate the post. I often upload a post a few days before I publish it sometimes making edits before publishing. Maybe that is it.

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  4. I do not have the Vortex, however my air fryer is an amazing machine and love that we can cook cakes and desserts in this beauty.. I bet that salmon was delicious. My air fryer is packed now when we go camping too!

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    • I have not tried cake and desserts in the air fryer. The last thing I need is to make delicious cake and desserts quickly and easily! 🙂 The salmon was delicious. Having the air fryer when we are traveling in our travel trailer really does make the meals easy. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you have a great day!


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