1. Now this is a sign of the times, isn’t it? I remember taking photos of the empty grocery shelves here in Texas before we headed home two years ago when the then new pandemic was starting to generate hoarding behaviours.

    • This was the cough drop section at our local Walgreens. Right now with omicron, I think the empty shelves are reflecting how many need cough drops right now. We were in Jupiter, Florida when the pandemic was declared. (We saw the last Cardinals spring training game.) Little did we know what all was ahead of us!! I don’t think any of us will ever forget the “hoarding of the toilet paper!” Hope you have a great day!

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    • I will keep that in mind! It’s a long way to go for TP, but on a cold Missouri winter day, it might be all the excuse we need to head south! Hope you have a great day, too!


  2. Yikes! Kenn went out to pick up a few supplies (and home tests) over the weekend when I started feeling bad and we found out our daughter-in-law tested positive for COVID. (We had spent the previous weekend with our son and DIL.) The local pharmacies were wiped out so I suggested Kenn try one of the grocery stores and he was able to find every thing we needed – including home tests – there.

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  3. Oh dear, pretty bad. We are lucky, I can pick up tests from over hte road for free. Lucky with our healthcare system. I guess people need to take alternative remedies for cough, like herbal teas etc.

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  4. Our local grocery stores are having empty shelves much as they have since the winter storm last year. I went to Costco early this morning and they were fully stocked – makes me wonder.

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    • Yes, sometimes I wonder, too. When the pandemic first started, the grocery store did not have any TP. However, the Dollar General next door was fully stocked. I am hoping better days are coming soon.

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