• Thank you. I know my picture doesn’t do it justice. I’m not a photographer – just a blogger who takes photos. It was very beautiful! Enjoy your day!


    • I’m glad you like this one, David. I had to check to see if I had published a shot like this before because I know I take pictures of this little lake – which I can see out our front door – all the time. 🙂 The moon was so beautiful that night, and I know I didn’t quite capture how really beautiful it was. I look forward to your Haiku – if you write one. No pressure. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think the beauty of photographing a scene often is how it changes, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically depending on the context and time. This one is especially intriguing with the way the light reflection columns are similar to the tree trunk, and the round moon over all the smaller round “moons” of light below. Is a blogger who takes photos a blogtographer?

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    • Perhaps you have just coined a new word! And I would definitely be a blogtographer – as my blog is so often the reason why I take photos. You make excellent points about phographing a scene. On this night, the moon was rising. When I took this picture, I was wishing I had captured the scene when the moon was low on the horizon. Maybe next month. The following night, there were clouds in front of the moon. I tried to capture the beauty, but in just a moment, the clouds had moved. In all the cases, the scene was beautiful, perhaps enhanced by the cold, crisp night. Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

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    • It is -7 degrees F here this morning with the wind chill. We went to Walmart yesterday, and I put out extra bird seed last night as I’m hoping to stay inside for at least a couple of days. At least the sun is shining! Enjoy your day, Mr. I’m so happy to be in Florida. 🙂


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