• This is a picture my daughter, Talia, took while she was on a walk. She lives in Washington D.C. She is very creative and loves to garden which is why I think she captured this whimsical garden art and sent it to me. But you are right, I would absolutely do something like this. Who could look at it and not smile? Miles of smiles, right? 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Now I’m not only smiling at the photo – after reading the comments, I’m laughing at myself! My first thought wasn’t that these were masks, but rather bikini bottoms (maybe it was the sunglasses that threw me) 😂

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    • Oh, I am laughing, too! You have beaches on the mind! The rest of us are so cold and thinking of Spring and all it brings. I am often surprised at the route these posts sometimes take. It’s so fun! Have a great day!

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