1. I was going to say earlier that clearly they enjoyed cute 20 year olds more than middle-aged women. But when we saw them in 2006, they stayed inside the compound with the gates closed, and were too far away for you to ask them to smile. Of all the zillion photos of the changing that Rand took, there were no smiles to be sure. 🙂

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    • I would expect that there would be even more security now than in 2006. So, there’s more than one reason why I wouldn’t be able to get a picture like that again. But that’s okay. Now I just try to get my blogging friends to smile.

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      • Or, maybe when you asked him to smile, he would smile and say: “Hey, you must be that American girl my dad always told me about–cheeky!” It is still a great photo of two folks just being human, and that is worth smiling over anytime.

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