Friday Funnies – 1/28/2022

The House of World Cultures in Berlin in 1979.
Europe 1979

This building is in a city we’ll be visiting soon on my Europe 1979 trip. So, let’s see if anyone knows….

What city in Europe can you find this building?

What is the nickname for this building?

No fair using Google.

Any guesses?

I may put some hints in the comments depending on how this goes.

Happy Friday!


  1. It looks like a popover with flat edges, or even a Stetson turned on its crown, but pretty sure Europe would not name it after the West. I have no idea where or what. It reminds me of the Bauhaus style, so I would go with Germany.

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  2. Oh, and I know Germany is not a city, so I meant “somewhere” in Germany. I could pick one of the cities you visited based on your map, but that is too close to “cheating”, right? Happy Friday!

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    • First, I know you know Germany is not a city. Second, the idea to refer to the tour map is not really cheating. It is detective work – using the powers of investigation and deduction. I like that!

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    • Well actually, of all the comments, yours came the closest. Think of the year – 1979. We were told this building was called “Jimmy Carter’s Smile.” For proof, you can Google “Jimmy Carter Smile Berlin.” Congratulations!!! Your prize is in the mail. 😉


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