Friday Funnies – 2/11/2022

Weather Patterns

Slatted front porch bench with snow on seat making a pattern of lines.
Our front porch bench – It snow use!
Patio chair with criss-cross straps with snow on top making a pattern.
Round patio table covered in snow making a large circle.
Round and Round
A lawn ornament shaped like a cone, covered with a plastic tarp resulting in a cone-shaped ornament covered in snow.
Snow cone
Two concrete pigs covered in snow with a bit of the ears and nose sticking out.
Patio table covered in snow.  The snow is higher on one side, gradually tapering to a lower level.
Going Downhill
A straight path made by a snow blower in the alley.
Back on Track
View from front porch with bench, lake and the sunrise.  Lots of snow.
Happy Friday!


    • I knew you’d like this kind of snow! I do enjoy a winter day when it’s not bitter cold, no wind and most importantly, sunny. Dan – not so much. Hope you have a great day, too!


  1. I hope the noise stopped with no expensive interventions. We had to have the ridge vent on our roof replaced a couple of years ago; the roofer did a poor job which resulted in bats taking residence under said ridge vent. Now, I love bats but not under my ridge vent where I can hear them chirping and moving around at all hours. The roofer, who we had worked with several times before, refused to do anything about the shoddy work so we had to pay a second roofer to replace the ridge vent again. Fortunately, the second roofer did a great job so the bats had to return to their roost in our carport. (I will also bad-mouth the first company to anyone looking for a good roofer.)

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    • I wanted to mention that you may have meant to leave this comment at another’s post. WordPress was having an issue when a j or k was typed while leaving a comment in the reader. It would leave the screen, and sometimes it would put a comment you had been typing at another post. It happened to me several times. It was maddening! However, I chatted with them several times, and it has now been fixed. Just an fyi.


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