• If I recall correctly, I only captured part of that very long line. My guess is the wait was so long, people wanted to get out of their vehicle to stretch and maybe to chat with others. It made me wonder if the same thing was going on at home.

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      • I was just thinking about the long gas rationing lines a couple of days ago. You could buy only every other day depending on your plate number being odd or even at the end where we lived. I was imagining it happening now, and based on the evidence of how some people are handling “the public good” right now, thinking it might not go as planned.

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  1. Interesting, I remember when the same thing occurred here many years ago. Today, plenty of fuel, if, and it’s a big if, if you have a big enough bank account. I believe we’ll go broke this summer just buying diesel. Oh well, its only money! Have a great day.

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    • This was 1979, so the same thing could have been occurring back in the U.S. We will be spending a lot of money on gas this year, too. But as you say, it’s only money. It will be worth it to travel and have adventures! Hope you have a great day!


  2. I too remember those days. We were stationed in Germany and gas was rationed. We loved to travel and had a big station wagon so the single GI’s would use their rations to travel with us. We had a tent and camp stove and tried to go castle hunting most weekend. Our love for travel has never ceased. We now do it in a motor home and love this retired life. Thanks for the photo as a great reminder of days long ago.

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    • Hi Margie. Good to hear from you! This photo may have been taken in Germany. That is what I remembered, but I hadn’t noted that on the slide. So, I didn’t want to say if if I wasn’t sure. Those sound like some wonderful memories you have going “castle hunting.” I bet you’ve also made some great memories in your motor home. I remember you saying how much you loved Yellowstone. Dan and I are going to GTNP and Yellowstone this summer. We’ve never been there and are very excited about it. Thanks for you comment. Safe travels and happy adventures!


    • There is a Facebook group for those of us who grew up in “South City.” Most everybody recalls that era with good memories, even though we didn’t have much. Summer nights playing “Kick the Can.” Nuns ruling the neighborhood. Collecting glass bottles for the 2 cent deposit and then buying penny candy. Those simpler times were good times. Probably just like your memories, I suspect.

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