1. I’ve driven by trailer homes, similar to this one, and thought, “Surely nobody lives there.” However, I later learned that a whole family did! For me, this is more of a Friday Focus, Betty. Your picture reminds me of how some of the rural working poor live. Please understand, I am not being judgmental of your Friday Funnies. It’s just an observation. I hope you and Dan have a wonderful, and WARM weekend.🥶

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      • No need to apologize! There have been a few posts when the comments were quite interesting all because the readers took a totally different spin on things. It all adds to the discussion and community.

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    • Hi David. All comments are welcome. Yours brings up an important point. To be honest, I debated quite a while before posting this picture. This travel trailer is in our storage lot, so no one lives there I am sure. I would never make fun of something which belongs to someone. As my mother taught me – it may be all they have. In the far back of our storage lot are several units like this. I was waiting for Dan one day and took a walk back there. It did make me wonder about what happens to old travel trailers. I even Googled the question. It turns out – it is similar to cars. Some are refurbished, some are recycled, and some end up in junk yards. My first thought seeing this was more of an environmental concerns. Can’t we do better with old cars and RVs? And with regards to your point, we have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate. We, including myself, can do better here, too.

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      • Thank you for he background story, Betty. Seeing only the picture, and not knowing the circumstances, gave me a limited perspective. It is indeed an environmental concern. I’ve actually seen a trailer house grave yard before—acres and acres of dilapidated mobile homes. Again, thanks for the update. I appreciate your conciliatory nature. As you say, enjoy your day!

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  2. The jalousie windows tell me this trailer is probably from the 1950 – 1960’s. I lived with my family in one similar to it when I was in the first and second grades. This once beautiful trailer is showing her age now, but I bet she has a story or two to tell. Just imagine it was once the childhood home of a famous person or maybe it housed out-of-town construction workers when they built the Gateway Arch. Maybe it stands as a reminder of what happens to the old and unwanted. Either way, it has seen it’s better days. It is still fun to imagine what may of been though. Have a happy day.

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    • I bet she has a story to tell, too. Next time I see the owner (which isn’t often), I’ll ask him if he knows where this trailer came from – or where it might have been. I think the stories could be fascinating even if not of a famous person. I’ve also wondered if a trailer like this could be restored to its former glory – either to admire in a museum type way – or to be useful. Your comment made me remember a book I read a long time ago about hand-me-down clothes. A phrase from that book has stuck with me – “clothes with a history, clothes with a mystery.” Applies here, too! Enjoy your Friday!

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    • Now, I wonder, too. Perhaps the picture and your imagination could come up with a really great story. There were several like this in the far back of our storage yard. Next time I see the owner, I’m going to ask him what the story is. I doubt I’ll learn much, but you never know! Have a great week ahead!


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