Europe 1979 – 12 – Italy: Venice

Venetian Canal
Venice 1979

Of course, our tour included a stop in Venice, Italy. There we took a water taxi and visited St. Mark’s Square.

St. Mark's Square
St. Mark's Square

I remember there were a ton of people in St. Mark’s Square as well as a ton of pigeons. For some reason, we thought it was fun to feed them.

Betty in St. Mark's Square
Betty and Jerry feeding the pigeons in St. Mark's Square
Venice canal with water taxi
18 K gold plated bracelet

I went shopping in St. Mark’s Square. Even today, I feel if I got off the water taxi, I could walk to the shop where I bought some coveted souvenirs. I bought two 18 carat gold plated bracelets – one for me and one for my mom. My bracelet had roses on it which I chose as “Rose” is my middle name. The second one I chose for my mother was similar, with flowers on it, but not exactly the same as mine. These were the most expensive souvenirs I bought. They were meant to be keepsakes.

We also went inside St. Mark’s Basilica. When researching for my posts, I read that taking photos inside St. Mark’s Basilica is not allowed. I don’t know if I didn’t realize this or if the rule was not in effect in 1979. Would it work to pray for forgiveness if the violation occurred in a basilica?

St. Mark’s Basilica

For some reason, the next slide picture I wanted to use wasn’t on the CD which contains the digital images from my slides. I don’t know if they missed it or if it was considered to be too dark. So as not to disappoint my readers (and me), I followed this YouTuber’s general advice about how I could convert my slide to digital media.

So please allow me to present to you our own very special gondolier of our evening in Venice. And yes, he did sing Italian songs as we glided through the canals.

Gondolier in 1979
“O Solo Mio”

Next up: Our Last Stop (or is it Supper?) in Italy


  1. Great post! I’ve always dreamed of riding a gondola along the canals of Venice. Your image of the gondolier turned out well, considering that it may have been underexposed to begin with. I’d bet the rules about photography at St Marks have changed since you were there. Many years ago, I was in a place where photography wasn’t allowed, and as soon as I started snapping pics, someone was there to advise me. I also Googled St Mark’s this morning and found lots of interesting info, so thank you for that, Betty 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, and you are welcome! I don’t know if the rule was there in 1979, but I do know I am a rule follower. The picture isn’t perfect, but I was happy I could get it to what it was. One of the pictures has a “line” on the right side. It reminded me of old camera days which you’ll remember I’m sure. You had to load the film, pulling it out of the canister. Then you had to be sure to not open the camera before shooting the whole roll. I think this picture has that line from opening just a bit too soon. Taking pictures these days is so much better!! Hope you have a great day today!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I remember the days of film cameras well, Betty. So many unusable or repeated photos, waiting for the film to be developed (we lived in a small town so I had to mail my film to the city and wait anxiously for the photos to return by mail), and yes – the line. I have a few of those too. 😊

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    • Thank you. Somehow feeding the pigeons up close and personal doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. But it was fun. I do remember there were so many pigeons! I like that canal picture, too. Enjoy your day in Mississippi!

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  2. I loved Venice! My son and his wife have done quite a bit of more exotic travelling (before covid) and their comment is that Venice is too touristy. Maybe that is true, but it is also very unique and I hope they get to see it before it is all under water!

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  3. I love the first picture of the small side canal. It expresses the charm of Venice perfectly.

    If I were to make a list of the top lifetime must do travel experiences, being serenaded on a gondola ride through the canals of Venice would be on that list. It’s good you have salvaged the photo of that experience.

    Is it really a sin to take a picture? I don’t know. I have been places where photography was not allowed and I seemed to be the only person following the rules. I regretted later not taking the picture. The Sistine Chapel comes to mind.

    Love reading about your adventures. Have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I like that first picture, too. I don’t know that it’s a sin to take a picture. I’m guessing some things need to be protected from a “flash.” Other times, it may be a rule to allow the art to be enjoyed by others without distraction. It is frustrating when one follows the rules and others don’t! Your comment about the Sistine Chapel is interesting. I do have that one glorious picture of it, but I wasn’t aware of a rule specifying no photos. I am a rule follower. I do remember walking through the Sistine Chapel, and it was a crowd of people – even back then! I’m glad you enjoy reading about my adventures, and I hope it reminds you of yours. Hope you have a great day, too.


    • Those canals sound like potential for something! If nothing else, I bet they are pretty and add to the ambiance of your community. Hope you have a great weekend, too!


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