1. This is one of those things you HAVE to see to believe. Incredible. My middle son is 6’7″ so I can sort of put this into perspective. I’m glad you shared this photo- I’ll probably see it in my head for days!

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    • Yes, it has. Dan has bumped his head a many a thing – including an airplane wing. But that was long ago – before he met me. Have a great day!


  2. Take me to the clouds! We once had a pastor at my home church who stood 6′ 10″. They had to raise the pulpit so he could use it. And what an arm reach he had. Many a kid found out the hard way it was hard to get away from him! Have a great weekend.

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    • 6’10” is pretty darn tall! Dan has no more than 2 inches to spare standing up in our travel trailer. Glad he isn’t 2 inches taller! When we bought the travel trailer, there were 2 models he could stand up in. Hoe you have a good weekend, too!


  3. This your first picture (I’ve seen) where someone is taller than Dan. It’s hard to believe that Shack is a head taller than someone who is 6 foot 8 inches tall! I enjoy tracking all your adventures. It will be time to hit the road again soon. Oh, the places you will go! I think Dr. Seuss said that…

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    • Shack is 7 foot 1 inch, and he weighs 325 pounds. I know he is quite rich and famous, but my heart does go out to all those with such height. And yes, we will be on the road soon. Can’t wait!

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