Europe 1979 – 14 – Switzerland

Betty with the Swiss Alps in the background

From Milan we headed to Switzerland. We had left the warm weather in southern Italy, and now were faced with the much cooler temperatures in the high elevations of the Swiss Alps.

On the tour, we were allowed one suitcase as well as one carry on bag. In these two bags, we had to pack for whatever weather we might encounter as we traveled the European continent.

Betty and Diane with the Swiss Alps in the background
Diane looks cold,
Jerry in shorts and short sleeves with the Swiss Alps in the background
but Jerry looks even colder!
Swiss Alps
Our group sitting on the steps outside a bank waiting for our tour bus
Our group after a day of shopping in Lucerne

We went shopping in Lucerne. I may have bought a Swiss Army Knife. Some people may have bought cuckoo clocks and watches. After Lucerne, we traveled to Mt. Pilatus where we went up the mountain in a cog wheeled railroad.

Going Up Mt. Pilatus
Inside the Cable Car
View coming down the cable car
Coming Back Down

We also visited Rhine Falls in Switzerland.

Betty with Rhine Falls in the background
Five members of the tour group with Rhine Falls in the background
At Rhine Falls

Our last stop in Switzerland was Einsiedeln. According to Google, “Einsiedeln” means “A small town of Switzerland, in the canton of Schwytz.” And that is how I remember it. A small town in the country. There I greatly enjoyed the country, nature and bike riding. It’s kind of funny, these are the very same things I so greatly enjoy now.

Betty feeding some grass to some cattle
Betty and some young man from the tour feeding grass to some cattle
Diane and Betty with a young man sitting between them with a lake and mountains in the background
He must have been a nice guy, but I sure can’t remember his name now!

One of my most favorite photos:

Diane and Betty bike riding in Einsiedeln
Diane and Betty

Next up: France! Which, my dear readers, will be the last post in this Europe 1979 series.


    • Thanks for your confidence, Phil. I would have to research how to publish an e-book. That you would suggest it is a compliment to me. I appreciate that. Hope you have a nice day.


  1. I just looked it up. Switzerland has four official languages. So there’s no way I can make a clever comment in “Swiss.” I bet the mountain air was crisp and clean. But, from what I understand, renting a place in the Swiss alps will set you back some major 💴 💰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Plus, I bet it would be really hard to pull a travel trailer in Switzerland! Even if we did manage to get it across the ocean. 🙂 You should be able to make a clever comment in another language on my next post. Who needs a Swiss chalet when you can have fun like this!

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  2. Yay! I guessed right! I’ve been looking forward to this post especially, Betty. I was pretty sure that geographically, your next stop would have to be Switzerland. My ancestors originated in a rural area in Canton Bern. My great grandfather was a dairy farmer from there. Your post and photos made me want to visit even more. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations! I remember how much I liked that town of Einsiedeln. We just pulled up the grass to feed those cows. I can understand how you want to visit Switzerland; that’s how I feel about visiting Graz. btw – I have relatives who were dairy farmers, also. I remember visiting with my parents when I was very young. They were in Springfield, MO. I imagine some are still farmers today, but my generation has lost touch. I hope you get to Switzerland!

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    • Thank you! There is one more post about Europe. I am thinking there will be a follow up series next winter. I may want to ask your opinion on some issues related to that, if you are agreeable.


        • Thank you. I would appreciate your insight. I would like to email you my questions. But before I do, I will need to reveal some aspects of the (next year’s) story in order to ask the questions. So, it would be a spoiler for you. Are you okay with that? If so, can you let me know your email address? You could email me ( if you prefer to keep it private.


  3. Don’t you just love Switzerland with its’ beauty. Obviously if you are dressed appropriately…..
    That guy you can’t remember his name looks like Gilbert O’Sullivan. :-). Looking forward to France!

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  4. Wow I love these photos of Switzerland. The one of you going up Mt. Pilatus looks as though you are climbing into a cloud. On my first trip to Lugano, my wife and youngest son took a train to Lucerne. I remember before a long tunnel it being nice, warm and sunny and then upon exiting, found it cloudy and cold. I was amazed at how the height of the mountain prevented the cold from descending on the southern side of the mountain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is really interesting – about the height of the mountain preventing the cold from descending. I had not heard of such a thing. I would want to live on the southern side! Thanks for reading and your comment. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  5. So many adventures in so many different places. What a grand time it surely was. The Swiss Alps look majestic. They remind me of some of the mountain ranges in Arizona. Really nice to look at, then comes the realization that you have to drive up and over them! Have a great day.

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    • Yes, the Alps do look majestic. We will be driving our travel trailer to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons this summer. I’m a little nervous about the mountains. Any tips? We only want good adventures!


  6. We were also blessed to visit Switzerland. We love Switzerland. Everyone we met was so friendly. The villages were charming. Walking through the countryside I remember hearing the clang from cow bells. The alps were breathtaking. It made my knees weak the first time I laid eyes on them . I remember taking a cog wheeled train up to Zermatt where we saw the Matterhorn. From there, we took the highest cable car in the alps to Glacier Paradise and built a snowman. It was July. In Zurich, we took a boat tour across Lake Zurich. It was striking how clean the cities were compared to the US.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have good memories! I can’t remember if we went to Zurich. I love the passion you have when visiting places. It shows through in your writing, and it is definitely contagious!


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