1. I love cats, let me amend that, I love looking at them. Unfortunately, my sister had an “attack” cat. It would lie in wait, hiding behind something, then when you walked into the room it would “attack”. Sort of turned me off to cats. I know there are plenty that are not like that. But. . . Have a great day.

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    • I have heard of these “attack cats.” What did you do to it? Just kidding! I guess it is just the nature of some – just like some dogs, eh? Our cat is very affectionate. She likes to be where we are. If I take her outside while doing something in the yard, she’ll stay right by me. She sits on my lap whenever we sit and watch tv. When I worked for the community college, we had a vet tech program. So, they would get animals the county picked up, do all the procedures on them, and then put them up for adoption. So, I can say our cat went to college, too!

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