Friday Funnies – 3/18/2022

Graphic representation of Daniel Boone and his home at Midtowne Market in St. Charles, MO.

Is there a lot to do where you live? Dan and I are lucky enough to have plenty of things to do and places to visit close to home.

However, because of the big C, over the last two years, we haven’t wanted to visit indoor public places.

And because of the second big C (that would be COLD weather), we haven’t wanted to take advantage of the many outdoor attractions near home over the past several months.

On Saturday, the high temperature was 32 degrees Fahrenheit. On Sunday, the high was predicted to be in the low sixties. That’s our Missouri weather. It was time to take advantage of the warm temperatures and break out of the routine and go on an adventure.

A week or so earlier, Dan and I had discussed visiting several different attractions close to home. One that we had discussed was the Historic Daniel Boone Home which is located in Defiance, Missouri, about 40 minutes from our home.

So, lo and behold, I get an email from The Daniel Boone Homestead announcing “Homestead Happenings.” The email announces its “Community Day” which happens to coincide with the day of sixty degree weather predicted. Entrance fees on the “Community Day” will be waived to show appreciation for the community. As you may guess, that’s pretty exciting to me.

In addition, there will be colonial dancers, demonstrations of hearth cooking, gunsmiths and leather workers. The sawmill will be running, and quilters will be there discussing their craft. There will be a number of activities for children, such as quill writing and spinning. Sounds like it will be a happening place.

I tell Dan all about it. It’s all free because they want to show appreciation to the community. I didn’t even realize we were part of the community. Dan is all in. Says he’s looking forward to it. I want to double check the time, so we don’t miss one of the free tours. I always like to take a tour.

There seems to be a discrepancy with the starting time in the email and the starting time on the website. Somebody forgot to update the website, I thought. Why is our first inkling to think the error lies with someone else rather than ourselves? Well, at least I usually do.

So, I go to Daniel Boone Homestead Facebook page and send a chat. They confirm the time in the email. 12 Noon. I’m excited. But then everything comes crashing down.

Now, if you are an astute reader, you may have already seen the problem. Do you know?

Here the deal:

The Daniel Boone Homestead is in Pennsylvania. This is the birthplace of Daniel Boone. The Homestead was the one having the “Community Day.”

The Historic Daniel Boone Home is in Defiance, Missouri, which is where he died. This is the one close to home. The official name is “The Historic Daniel Boone Home at Lindenwood Park.”

I also learned there is a third Daniel Boone site which is a Missouri State Park: Nathan and Olive Boone Homestead State Historic Site. This is the home of Daniel Boone’s son, Nathan. Nathan and his wife, Olive, moved to this property after leaving the home in Defiance in 1837. This state park is near Springfield, Missouri.

Apparently, I signed up to be on the Daniel Boone Homestead email list thinking it was the Daniel Boone Home in Defiance. I don’t think I’m the first one to make this mistake. Why else would the chat person say, “Just to clarify, we are the Boone Homestead in Pennsylvania… not the one in Missouri… ” right after I chatted back that we were excited and would be visiting tomorrow?

Well, we didn’t have the “Community Day”, but we still had the sixty degree weather. So, the next day, off we went, with twelve dollars in hand (two senior entrance fees) to see “The Historic Daniel Boone Home at Lindenwood Park.” Fortunately, Dan put the correct Daniel Boone site in the GPS, so we didn’t accidentally head to Pennsylvania.

Our visit to the Historic Daniel Boone Home – in Defiance – will be the subject of my next post.


  1. This sounds like something I “may have done” once or twice, Betty. Looking forward to your post telling us all about it. As for your introduction question, there’s lots to see and do close to our home in Saskatchewan and definitely lots here in South Texas. I hope we get out this summer to check out more spots close to home.

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    • I have enjoyed reading about all you’ve done in South Texas. It sounds like there is a ton to do! I look forward to reading more about what there is to do in Saskatchewan. Enjoy your Friday!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Defiance (where the home is located) is located in what we call “Wine Country.” It is a beautiful area with several wineries nestled in the rolling hills near the Missouri River.


    • That is a very good idea to call first. It makes me think of the time we went to the Grafton Ferry. The website stated the schedule. So, we thought it was open, and we went. No ferry! If you scrolled down on the website, it said it was closed for the season. We did enjoy visiting Daniel Boone’s home!


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