Friday Funnies – 3/25/2022

Picture of a dollhouse room where a man is reading a newspaper.  The newspaper is scattered all over the floor by him.

When I was growing up, this is what it looked like whenever my dad read the newspaper – which was every day. I’m guessing this scene doesn’t happen much any more.

I always loved reading the funnies or in other words, the comics. I would read Ann Landers or Dear Abby. I liked the “Jumble” and seeing the drawing of an available sewing pattern. Remember the “Bridge” hand column? I recognized the card suits, but the few times I tried to read it, it made no sense. When I got a little older, I always looked for the “Travel” section which was included in the weekend editions.

I kind of miss the daily paper. It was a part of my growing up. But I don’t miss it enough to subscribe. Which parts of the newspaper did you read?

Now, I wonder if any of you can guess where I took my featured photo? You’ll find the story – including the five W’s – in the next edition of my blog.

Hope you can sleep tonight!


  1. I love newspapers at one time! In fact, my first job was delivering them! The Reporter Dispatch! (1941-1988). I think it cost about a nickel when I was working there. So many local papers were bought up by Wall Street monopolies. And today they often cost several dollars. Sometimes I do subscribe to digital versions. Have a great day!

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    • Yes, I really enjoy newspapers, too. St. Louis had two newspapers at first – The Globe-Democrat which came in the morning and The Post Dispatch which came in the evening. The Post Dispatch is still in existence. I would also read the South side Journal which featured local articles, garage sales, and articles about coming events. When I was older, I would read the Letters to the Editors in both papers, too. Now, I don’t subscribe to anything online, but, of course, I read lots of articles online every day. Hope you have a good Friday!

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  2. I still get the paper, just not every day but on the weekends and I enjoy reading it from front to back. The comics and the crossword puzzle are a must. Actually, come to think of, here in Ohio many still get the paper delivered daily. The Columbus Dispatch, if I am not totally mistaken. I know that because I ‘collect’ old newspapers, which I use underneath furniture when I stain or paint.

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    • I haven’t read an actual newspaper in I don’t know how long. I probably would enjoy one once in a while. Does the black ink still come off on your hands? I’ve never seen a newspaper on a front lawn in our neighborhood for the ten years that we’ve lived here. Maybe people get them in their mailbox, but our mailboxes are not big enough to hold a newspaper. I guess no one paints or stains furniture here. 🙂

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      • A friend gifted me a one-year subscription of the weekend NYT for my birthday and I enjoyed it right from the start, I kept it. 🙂

        Our newspapers, the thin ones, are delivered to the mailboxes. I am an early bird and see them. Yes, the black ink still comes off 🙂

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        • We have a mail room where we all have to go pick up our mail. I’m going to ask our mail lady if there are many newspapers these days. There’s lots of young families in our neighborhood, so I’d guess no, but who knows?


  3. We subscribed to a daily newspaper until the pandemic hit in March 2020. At the time, we were advised to leave all deliveries including newspapers and mail in the garage for at least 24 hours. We stopped the daily delivery and started reading online. It’s not the same but we’ve not gone back to receive a daily newspaper.

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    • Yes, I heard the same thing about groceries – to let them sit for 24 hours and then wipe them down. We never did that, and we heard later the virus couldn’t be transmitted that way. But no one knew at the time what we were dealing with. We read news articles online, too. We also watch the local and national news each evening.


  4. Is that a doll house? Very cute. I used to read the paper newspaper too, especially the comics, variety, and travel sections. It is not the same at all reading it online, but I do not miss having all the paper stacking up for recycling. I still like reading the advice columns online.

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    • You are in the ballpark with your guess. I totally agree about newspapers stacking up – they stack up so fast! I am glad to not have to deal with that. Happy Friday!


  5. Great post, Betty! I love newspapers and usually read them cover to cover. We pick up the Winter Texan paper weekly here. At home, we subscribe to our local weekly paper. We don’t subscribe to dailies. We used to, but that was just too much paper. I have the Flip Board app which has news from a vast number of outlets and you can customize the articles according to your interests. It seems a more environmentally friendly way to get the news vs a daily paper. At first, your feature photo reminded me of a Rockwell-type photo. On looking closer, I saw that it’s likely a doll house. Perhaps the one you’re restoring?

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    • The Winter Texan sounds like the perfect paper for you! I would want to read a paper like that, too. I agree – daily papers are just way too much paper! Plus, I don’t know that I would have the time to read it. We read a lot of news articles online and watch the local and national news on tv each evening. You are right about it being a dollhouse. But you overestimate my capabilities when it comes to restoring a dollhouse! Enjoy your day!

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  6. Those are all the same things that I used to enjoy also. I remember as a kid reading the bridge column by the famous actor Omar Sharif, but I never understood a word of it. Still, it fascinated me! I subscribe to the Sunday paper still probably out of nostalgia. – Marty

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  7. I love a newspaper! Best thing going to clean the windows of my car and rig – not to mention my shower doors. Now once I did read one, or maybe two but they got too depressing. In fact back many years ago I use to play a little game with those who called wanting to sell me a subscription. When asked if I wanted to subscribe I would answer “I’ll take a lifetime subscription on one condition”. To which they would eagerly ask “And what is that?” To which I would say “That you print only good news every day”. That’s usually when I heard “click”. Have a great weekend.

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    • You make me laugh, but I have to agree with you! Did you notice the sections I read – the comics, Jumble, advice column, travel section, etc. Those were the sections I enjoyed. We do listen to the news, so we know what is going on in the world. Hope you have a great weekend, too!


  8. I subscribe to our local daily newspaper. During the week and on Saturdays, I read it on my iPad, download one of the crossword puzzles to work through, read the comics and any articles that interest me. The Sunday paper is delivered to the house, which I organize by section on the dinning room table. Each month I download the bonus recipe book and save for future browsing use. Sunday breakfast without the paper just doesn’t feel quite right.

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