Friday Funnies – 4/29/2022

My friend, Terry, at Radically Retired, recently had a post called Road Eats. Terry often posts an artful photo she took, along with a few words and an inspiring quote. “Road Eats” discussed what she and her husband eat while traveling on the road.

Inspired by her post, I came up with my own version of what our meals are like when traveling. So, without further ado, here’s my own “Quick Food.”

Breakfast with Friends

Dan sitting on a bench with Ronald McDonald
I’m lovin’ it.

Let’s Do Lunch

Giant snickers bars arranged in a square, two on each side, holding items for sale.
Snickers Satisfies.

Finger Lickin’ Good & Things Go Better With Coke

Giant KFC bucket with Dan licking his fingers and Betty standing there looking at him and smiling
Extra Crispy Please
Betty smiling by a giant bottle of Coke.
Sorry, kids. I like soda.

Extra points for you if you can name where these pictures were taken! Happy Friday!


    • You are very astute! There are some clues in the photos – as you’ve noticed. So, you are 75% right about Hattiesburg. You are welcome to be more specific – if you like. Enjoy your Friday! 🙂

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