Waiting at Home

Nine boxes sitting in our living room.

Sorry, folks. There were not any cheetah leggings or snakeskin jackets waiting at home for me in those boxes. There was a bedspread with two matching pillows, some home decor – including some nicely framed pictures, and lots and lots of clothes.

I did choose 22 items of clothing, nothing real exciting or wild but usable. The rest will be donated this week.

I loosely subscribe to the “one in one out” rule of household management, so I will be adding to the “one out” part of the equation in the coming weeks.

Now with regards to the seeds I threw in the pots and the seedlings I planted in the sponge rock planter before we left on our trip – well, let’s just say I’ll be purchasing some bedding plants later today. While it is true plants want to grow, nature must cooperate with the right environment, and I don’t believe that happened while we were gone. It was really cold, really wet and then really hot. So, now my seeds and seedlings are really dead.

However, I was pleasantly and very surprised by our rose bushes upon our return home:

Knock Out Roses
Yellow Rose bush

It was almost as if all the roses were saying, “Welcome Home!”

We were gone for almost four weeks. Now that we’re home, it’s time to get some stuff done. I’ll be donating those boxes, planting my flowers, making Dan another batch of chocolate chip cookies. I’ll make a to-do list, visit my mom, and all the rest of every day life. I’ll also be working on our 2023 camping plans as we wait for our next trip.

There was one more thing waiting for me when I got home. It was a birthday gift for me from Michael and Allie. I think it’s purrr-fect! You might even say, it’s the cat’s meow. And I can’t wait to use it!

Our cat laying on a camping mat which says "Happy Campers" and "Follow us at Chambersontheroad.com"
What? You’re leaving again?


    • Thank you! Yes, I really like that gift. It’s extra big, so we will use it as an outdoor mat. Maybe it will lead to many more followers! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. And so many things waiting for you. Darn, I was really looking forward to seeing you in cheetah leggings and a snakeskin jacket! Such a beautiful cat – she looks adorable. Have a great day.

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    • We are glad to be home, too – for a bit. We are looking forward to more travels. I was sure hoping for those cheetah leggings and a snakeskin jacket, too. However, I am too cheap to buy them, so we are all just out of luck on that! Have a great Sunday!


  2. “It’s goodbye, cheetah leggings. So long, snakeskin jacket.
    I would have looked so cool in you, and your absence hurt when I failed to unpack it.”
    All levity aside, your roses look great and so does the new cat nap rug.

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    • Thank you! We have something booked in April 2023. That’s the only thing right now. But we need to further our “conceptual” plan and book when we can. Safe travels, and enjoy your adventures!


  3. Your post reminds me of that beautiful phrase ‘there’s no place like home’. From your blogs, I know how much you enjoy your RV trips. I can see from these photos how much you enjoy your home and garden.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I had remarked to Dan when I wrote the post, “I Want to go Home”, that I hoped people wouldn’t think we didn’t enjoy our trip. I did enjoy it – very much – but after almost 4 weeks, I was ready to go home. I am glad you understood! Enjoy your day!


    • Marty, you had me laugh out loud! I’m behind reading, but I’m guessing your kitchen remodel is still underway. Soon you’ll be eating chocolate chip cookies in style! I bet Gorgeous will be so happy to make them for you in the new kitchen. Good luck!

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  4. I love the knockout roses for their beauty and their hardiness. Unfortunately, I finally gave up on them because of the visiting deer that found them to be quite tasty! Does your kitty travel with you?

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    • You are right; those knockout roses are very hardy. The only issue I have is with the aphids. I use Seven Dust, otherwise, the leaves get eaten off. Our kitty, Sammy, stays home. We bought the automatic feeder, water bowl and even the litter box for when we travel. However, when we are gone for more than 3 or 4 days, we have someone visit regularly – because cats need human interaction. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

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  5. So disappointed about the cheetah leggings! It’s good you got several items you’ll be able to wear. Cute mat and your kitty is a beauty. Wishing you luck with your bedding plants, Betty. Your roses are gorgeous!

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    • Thanks, Terry. Those roses just happened all on their own. Yesterday, we bought impatiens as the impatiens we had last year did great last year. We are hoping for a repeat! Enjoy your day!

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