Friday Funnies

A statue of a demon on a front porch

Front porch decoration

Is it your style?

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be asking you more questions about your home preferences. It will be fun to read all the comments and to see if my guesses match what I think you’ll say.

But for now,

Happy Friday!


    • Your beautiful yard – with your solar lights in the pavilion – does not need even one outdoor statue. I bet the person who bought the plastic goose was very happy to get it. While not my style, those are fun, too.


    • I am glad you like him. He is not mine, so I do not know how he was obtained. My best guess would be Amazon – but he is likely pretty heavy. Otherwise, I’d check out those places that sell concrete adornments for your yard. Good luck!


    • I didn’t touch this guy since he isn’t ours, so I don’t know how heavy he is. He looks like concrete, but maybe he is made to look like concrete but really, he is very light. I haven’t seen him tumbling down the street though on windy days. Now that – or being on the roof – would be a sight! Wordless Wednesday or Friday Funny? Hmmm….


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