Friday Funnies – 6/17/2022 – Updated!

This week’s Friday Funnies is a puzzle. Looking at the picture below, do you know what it is? I’m thinking the comments will provide the laughs this week.

Then again, perhaps I will be surprised, and many of you will know what this is. If you know, did you ever use one? How do you like it?

Later today, about 4 pm, I will reveal the answer. The title will say “Updated.” Good luck!

A black rubber thing

A Boomer’s Best Friend!

Thanks for all the great guesses! Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


    • Interesting guess! I couldn’t decide if I should include something for scale. As you can see, I decided against it. 🙂 Thank you for your guess, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hmmm, well at first glance, I thought maybe it was some kind of a high end spittoon. Then, I got a bit of a giggle trying to imagine you or Dan being tobacco chewers. The stamp on the side was a hopeful clue, but it’s not quite clear enough to read. I look forward to the big reveal this afternoon!

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    • I thought a couple of my readers, you included, would notice the stamp on the side. Gee, too bad it’s not clearer. 🙂 We don’t chew tobacco, just gum – when we are out, just eaten, and can’t brush our teeth right away. Enjoy your day, and see you at the big reveal!

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    • You are correct. The scale is not clear. We do put something on the bottom of our kitchen chairs to protect the floors. But it’s not that! Thank you for your efforts, and see you at 4!

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  2. Is it a rubber leg for a Salad Master food slicer? I recently bought the vintage food slicer on an online auction and it was one rubber leg short. Ha ha. Found one on eBay.

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  3. I have seen two items similar. One was a measuring device which could be flipped over depending on the amount one needed to measure. The second was a candle holder and you could rotate between tapers or pillar candles. I would guess it to be the candle holder since it is dark, and not glass. Either way, you certainly provoked a lot of comments!

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    • Both of your answers are well thought out. So, you get two points for effort. But no points for the correct answer. Although, I think I could use that candle contraption thing you mentioned!

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    • Well, three minute eggs are not quite cooked enough for me, so we would not have such a holder. I don’t quite “see” why Gorgeous can’t change her mind. “Iris” you would allow it. Because I am very confident she will not guess correctly, and I can keep a “lid” on the answer until 4. 🙂 Have a great Friday!

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    • I would love for you to be able to tell hubs that, with all the many guesses, he was right. Maybe next time? Good guess though. btw! I forgot to tell you. We watched, “The Fastest Indian” last night. Loved it! I can see why you watched it 3 times. Such a sweet movie. I was surprised he returned 9 more times after he set the record. Also, fyi, I did Google the lemon tree issue. 🙂 I could definitely watch it again.

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    • Thanks, Terry! I’m glad you thought it was fun. We have played in the “open play” several times. And we are set up to play tomorrow morning again. The league starts on Tuesday. I am happy to get the exercise! We love the ball picker upper; it works great! Very easy to use! Hope you have a great Friday evening!

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