• This bird was on our neighbor’s porch. We had had a really windy night with broken tree limbs all over the place. She said it was a hummingbird that had fallen out of its nest. It didn’t seem to be able to fly away as I got very close to take this picture. I haven’t seen our neighbor to find out what happened to it.


        • Well, this is just what my neighbor said. So, I am not 100% sure. I did a bit of Google research. It said juvenile hummingbirds shed the plumage they are born with. It also said when hummingbirds are born, they are black and do not have any hair or feathers. This little one fell from a nest, so it could be very young. I agree with you as I wondered if it really was a hummingbird myself. However, the beak sure looks like a hummingbird. When I see my neighbor, I’ll ask how she knew it was a hummingbird.


  1. It appears to be a nestling ruby-throated hummingbird, probably a female as the male nestlings have more visible throat markings. Nestlings look “scruffy” like this bird and are still developing the latter characteristics. The angle and the light also affects how their color appear. (Cornell lab of ornithology is the source I have relied on for identifying birds).

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