Wordless Wednesday – 6/29/2022

VDTA SDTA building on Main St. in St. Charles, Missouri.
Click on picture for more info


    • Thank you, Terry. I love the symmetry of the building. It is on Main St. in historic St. Charles. I added a few words to let readers know they can click on the picture if they want more info about the building. I had a debate with myself on how true to stay to Wordless Wednesday. In any case, the building now houses the vacuum and sewing dealer trade associations. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. At least the building is still in use, but it seems like a demotion to go from theater/civic area and bank to the vacuum and sewing dealer trade. Perhaps they at least showcase a few historic photographs or items!

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  2. Very cool! Thank you for the link. Bet it’s even prettier standing by it. Love old buildings. Seems like these days, buildings can be taken down and rebuilt right where they stood. Or gutted and remodeled. Which is fine, but the history love I have likes the old stuff.

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