1. Agreed, Betty. May our nation turn to God—one person, one family, at a time.

    Is this picture from your neighbor’s porch or yours? You have such a beautiful neighborhood! I bet nobody’s house is worth less than they paid for it in your part of St. Charles.

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    • Hi David. This picture is from a neighbor’s porch. The neighbor is Sue, and I have featured her decorations several times – including this past Memorial Day. You are right about the value here; however, we plan to stay right where we are. Thank you for the compliment about our neighborhood. We feel very blessed to live here. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! God Bless America!


  2. Often, it seems that many nations are in trouble these days, including ours, and then just like that, I’ll hear a good news story about people helping strangers just because they care. This keeps me hopeful that at the grassroots level we’re still in a good spot. Have a wonderful July 4th Betty!

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    • Thank you, Terry! There sure is a lot of good in our world. And there are everyday heroes and people who inspire us. Like you, that’s where I want to place my focus; however, I still pray! Enjoy your day, too!

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  3. How beautiful. I have to say, where we are now, well, we are in the heart of small town America and it is wonderful to behold. Everyone knows their neighbor, no one locks their doors, and if you ever need help with anything someone is always there willing and able to pitch in. It makes me want to believe that there is still hope for us a country, If, yes, if, we are willing to turn to God again. Happy 4th!

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    • I agree. There are many good people in our country, but it’s just that we don’t hear about them in the media. So, I think we have to remind ourselves about the good. We have to keep hope! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you have a wonderful 4th, too!


  4. Yes, God Bless America! I love Irving’s song by that name – stand beside us and guide us, through the night with a Light from Above! Happy Independence Day!

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