1. A few hours of tinkering and it will be as good as new! Seriously, when someone starts on “if we could just get back to the good old days” I like to show them a picture of something like this and say “really”? Thanks for posting and have a great day.

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    • Your comment reminds me of something my grandma (who was born in 1898) would often say – “The good ole days – you can have em!” She liked the modern conveniences, and I do, too!


    • It was pretty interesting. My picture was from the road. I would have liked to take a closer look, but, of course, I didn’t. It was placed in the front yard, and it looked very apropos since it was a farm. Have a great day!


  2. This photo reminds me of my grandpa for some reason. Perhaps it’s because he was a grain farmer when I was a small child and likely operated a tractor about the age of the one in your photo. We used to see many old abandoned tractors, combines, etc. in fields around here. That’s not so common anymore. I think maybe the younger generation of farmers are more apt to take these things to the scrap yard or donate them to a museum vs having them take up precious real estate that needs to be worked or mowed around – just a theory. Your photo has evoked plenty of thought and I’m sure that, in the very near future, this will be a topic of conversation for hubs and I.

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    • I am glad, Terry, that the photo evoked plenty of thought and memories for you. I actually thought of you when taking this photo. I wondered if you would have given it sepia tones or black and white perhaps. This tractor was near the front of the yard, so it looked like it was there for looks. This farm had an eggs for sale sign. Someday I may stop for eggs, and perhaps I can strike up a conversation about the tractor. 🙂

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