Friday Funnies – 7/15/2022

Two cows in a field

Dan and I wanted to take a bike ride at 370 Lakeside Park. This park is 4.6 miles from our home. Unfortunately, there is not a good way to get there on our ebikes. So, we loaded them up on our car and headed that way.

The park has a wonderful 7 mile trail which circles around a large lake. The trail also leads outside of the park. Dan followed the trail out of the park, and we ended up on a country road that we hadn’t been on before. We passed a farm with a rusty old tractor, fresh eggs for sale, and some cows grazing in a pasture. Man, that cow was really watching me. At first, I didn’t know why, then I saw the calf on the side of its mother. Even the calf’s expression seems to say, “Stay right where you are.”

The road we were on was bucolic; yet, we were close to home. And six miles in the other direction is a major shopping mall.

The best part was discovering a new place. For some reason, visiting places I’ve never been before, is just so “udderly” refreshing. And if that’s not enough to qualify this post as a “Friday Funny”, I’ll add that the whole afternoon was really fun!

And that’s no bull!

Sorry, everyone. I just had to milk those cow jokes for all I could!

Happy Friday!


  1. Sounds like the perfect bike ride! I love the country. I need to get our bikes out of the garage… it’s been so hot, we haven’t ridden. Love your picture. They both my have been giving you the stink eye! Ha ha.

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    • It was a great bike ride. You have worded it perfectly! They both did give me the stink eye! LOL It’s been really hot here, too. On this day, there was a little relief, but we’ve been riding in the evenings, too. Thank heavens for air conditioning!

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      • Evenings is a great idea, maybe I’ll try that. Ha ha about stink eye! Cows and calves are funny- sometimes they are curious but they’re also cautious, all at once. I love watching calves run all around. They’re sweet. I always wanted one. But, they grow. Really big. Ha ha. I just love babies. I’ll second the air conditioning. Next week’s forecast is around 101 daily…

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  2. This is an udderly charming post, Betty. I need to add a country bike ride to my cowlendar🐮

    Seriously, I worked at a dairy in high school and have seen this look from cows before. That mama cow is still nursing that calf—her swollen udder is the clue-and she doesn’t want you to bother her baby.

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    • David, thanks for your insight. I stopped my bike to get a picture of the cow, and I could tell right away, these cows did not like me. I surmised the mama was protecting her calf, but I didn’t pick up on the clue of her swollen udder. I guess that’s why they didn’t smile when I said, “Say cheese!” 🙂


    • Thank you! Those cows were very put out! I was like, man, that cow is really staring me down. Then, I saw the baby calf on the other side. I cropped this photo, so I didn’t get as close as it looks.

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    • 🙂 The little dog laughed to see such fun. And the dish ran away with the spoon. I never know where these comments are going to take me!


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