Adventure Awaits!

Tan tank top with stain on front.

For some reason, it seems I get stains on my shirts more often than the average bear. I have a shirt that I really like, but unfortunately, I got a stain on it. Now that shirt is really comfortable, and its neutral color went well with a pair of shorts that are also very comfortable. I like comfortable.

And you know, I also like frugal. So, I considered how I could save this shirt from being delegated to “pajama shirt” status. Then I thought about one of my favorite stores – Dollar Tree. If Dollar Tree had an iron on transfer that I could apply over the stain, no one would know. No one except my blog readers. But you all are my tribe! You all read my posts. Post after post after post. You “get” me. Either that or you’re still trying to figure it all out.

Well, you know me. I went to the Dollar Tree. There were actually four choices of iron on transfers! One was about coffee. It said, “But First, Coffee.” Now I don’t drink coffee. It’s possible I could start drinking coffee to make this all work out, but unfortunately, I don’t like coffee’s bitter taste, so that’s not an option. The coffee one is out.

“Girl Power” and one that said “Let’s Flamingle” weren’t exactly right either.

But then I saw it.

Iron on transfer from Dollar Tree which says, "Adventure Awaits."

Adventure Awaits! Is this perfect for me or what? I like adventures. I like flowers. I always thought pink and light brown looked very nice together. As fast as I could, I plunked down my five quarters on the counter and happily cried out, “Sold!”

I felt so happy. I almost hugged the cashier, but then I thought if I hugged her, she might think I want to “flamingle.” I’m not really sure what that means, so I thought I better just pay and leave and try to act like a normal person as best I can.

Once home, I applied the iron-on transfer. I had just a little trouble with the “ur” in the word “Adventure”, but I ironed that section a couple more times thinking, u r not gonna get another five quarters out of me, Dollar Tree! I’m gonna make this one work. If I fail, well, I got another pajama shirt after all.

Tan tank top with the "Adventure Awaits" iron on transfer applied.

But, in the end, like most adventures, everything worked out just fine. In fact, the iron-on transfer covered up the stain so well, I’m thinking of giving up napkins completely!

Now THAT would be an adventure!


  1. Love your post…I would not have predicted this is the new thing I would learn today, but here we are and it is only a little after 7:00 am. 😎

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    • Thank you, Ray! I did have fun writing this, and as far as learning a new thing before 7 am – the early bird does get the worm! I hope you have a great day! I really appreciate your comment. 🙂


  2. This was a fun and entertaining post, Betty. I had to smile when you commented that your readers “get” you, because I believe I was doing my post at the exact same time as you were doing yours, and I used that exact same phrasing, (including the get in parentheses) when describing the relationship with my siblings. Once again, we’re on the same wave length. Your shirt turned out beautiful and you’re right – the phrase on the transfer is perfect for you!

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    • Thank you, Terry. Yes, I am often surprised that we on the same wave length, but isn’t it fun! The shirt turned out better than I had hoped. I hope you have fun on your mini-vacation. Any vacation is great in my book!

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    • Then you understand! Chances are my stain was Subway’s southwest sauce on a cold cut combo on flat bread. LOL. It happens all the time! Thank you for the compliment, and I hope you have a good day.

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    • Necessity is the mother of invention. 🙂 We also keep several tubes of “stain stick” around, but somehow this stain was missed when the shirt went through the wash. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your day!


    • Now, I didn’t think of putting it on our travel trailer. It would be perfect though. Next time I see someone ironing their RV, I am going to ask them where they got the iron. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Marty! With that new kitchen of yours, I bet Gorgeous can cook up all kinds of potential stain inducing dishes. You might keep that “But first, Coffee” decal in mind. 🙂

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  3. Time to pull all my T-shirts with stains out of the closet and see what sayings I can cover them with. Hey, how about a wrap for the RV with that saying? Honestly, I have to hand it to you, you can always I’ve noticed take a negative and make it a positive. You’re one special lady. Till tomorrow.

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    • I would love to have “Adventure Awaits” on our travel trailer. Now, all I need is for Dollar Tree to sell them! Thank you for the compliment. Tomorrow will be a good and fun day!


  4. Well I think it looks great Betty. Now for me, when I’m home I use a coffee cup with a lid, dinner I tuck a large napkin over my chest (ok so it may be a dish towel) and when I eat out I keep the Tide laundry stick in my purse! 🤣

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    • Thank you! Sounds like you understand! We have stain stick at home and in our travel trailer. But somehow this stain was missed before going into the washer. I hope you have a great day!


  5. What a fun, fun post!! I can so relate, though I haven’t thought of using iron ons! Maybe I will. It would be less stressful than taking the stained clothing out of the dryer and screaming a little. Over and over and over again!

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    • I guess the stain has to be in just the right place. Either that or an iron on transfer that is all spread out and covers a lot of ground. 🙂 I try to remember to use stain stick, but sometimes I forget. I am glad you liked the post!

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    • Thank you, Beth. I agree. DT has everything a girl could ever need! And I have adjusted to the 25 cent increase. All is right with the world. Hope you have a great week!

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  6. As I sit here wiping the mustard from my shirt, I wonder how I can use this information. I don’t think iron on patches fit my style, unless of course it is a John Deere Tractor. When I am home, I take my stained shirts to my mother (everyone in the family does). She takes it as a personal challenge. She’ll work on that stain until it’s gone.

    Do you think I can add some ketchup to the mustard and create a sunset scene?

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  7. I have a shirt patiently waiting (I know not for how long) for me to cover up a bleach spot that occurred when I wore it for the first time. Your post has inspired me to stop at the store and find something to hide it. Thanks.

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