• Thank you. We saw it while riding the trail. The arrow was pointing to a little path. There was another sculpture down the path which I am saving for another day. Hope you have a good day and a really great dinner!


    • Well, the man is holding a sign with an arrow pointing the opposite way of the trail. If the arrow was pointing the same way as the trail, which is obvious, then I can see it looking like “mansplaining.” But we were like, what is the arrow pointing towards? It points to a circular path with another metal sculpture (which can’t be seen from the trail) and room for more sculptures. The word on the arrow says, “park.” But there is no place for cars, so I am guessing someone has a sculpture park in mind. But I don’t really know. This does seem like too much thought though for a Friday Funny!

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      • Oh, it is still funny…but I will keep the other reason to myself. After all, as one of my author colleagues once said, “I have learned that sometimes the best thing I can do is say nothing.” It is really cool they are doing a sculpture park! Next year, you can have more pictures!

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  1. This is great, Betty! Thanks for the smile this morning! I’ve been MIA this week – intended to do a post or two on our travels but it wasn’t meant to be. Will explain in a post either today or tomorrow.

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