Friday Funnies – 7/29/2022

A truck with graffiti written all over it.

This truck is parked in the parking lot at Mears State Park in Pentwater, Michigan. It is in front of the snack bar at the beach. The truck is parked there every day; the truck’s owner is probably the snack bar’s concessionaire.

On the side of the truck is a box of markers, and folks are encouraged to add to the truck’s artistic presentation. Here’s my daughter, Talia, adding a pretty flower.

Here’s my contribution:

I have no shame!
This is my friend Bill’s blogging site.

What would you write on the truck?

Happy Friday!


  1. I’ve heard of autographed vehicles but this is the first one I’ve seen. Great photos, and what a brilliant idea to write your blog address! It’ll be interesting to see if it generates some traffic for you, Betty. Until you showed what you had written I may have chosen something different. Now, I know I’d to exactly as you did, and score some free advertising for my site😊

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    • Perfect! Perfect for you, and perfect for Pentwater! There is a channel from Pentwater Lake which goes out to Lake Michigan. There are many boats with fishing poles which head down the channel and out to Lake Michigan. Some of those boats have more poles than I can count. And, people fish along the pier, too.

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    • This truck has been there every day we’ve gone to the beach in Pentwater this year and last year, too. The writing on it is new this year though. The markers are in the truck bed, right behind the passenger door – just in case you make it there!


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