• Yes, we like the piggies! These were at Up North Market in Pentwater, of course. Up North Market is a store, restaurant and petting zoo all in one. It’s where we had our wedding celebration last year (given by my sister and her husband.) There is also a garden center which looks great but was closed when we were there. My brother-in-law saw these piggies about a week earlier. He said they had doubled in size from the week before.

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    • I like bacon, too, but I try not to think about those cute little piggies at breakfast time. They were having a great day on the farm! Hope you enjoy your day, too!


  1. I wonder if these are the little piggies that went to the market or are they the ones that stayed home? They don’t look to be eating roast beef, but whatever they are eating, the one lying in the back is getting none. Wee wee wee wee—wondering about this photo is so much fun.

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    • You add fun to everything! These piggies are at Up North Market in Michigan, but they would love to come home with you! Hope you and Grammi are doing well, and have a great weekend!


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