1. Is that rooster safe? I’m not sure if that was the intent of your Friday funny, Betty, but that’s the part that gave me a smile and a fun memory this morning. Many years ago, I purchased a duck for in my flower beds. His body was made of a large stone and his head and legs were made of rebar, like the legs of the rooster in your photo. I remember our daughter coming home from school as I was working in the yard and dryly saying, “Nice rock duck, Mom” with that “Mom’s losing it” look in her eyes that young teenagers master.

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    • Your description of your teenage daughter and your rock duck gave me a laugh, Terry. Once I bought a jacket (at a thrift shop) which I thought was cool, and my teenage daughter laughed so hard at it, she had tears streaming down her face. I was glad I gave her a good laugh even though that wasn’t my intention. 🙂 Needless to say, I donated it back. I’m glad my post gave you a smile and a fun memory. Now with regards to the photo, I hadn’t paid much attention to the rooster. The man on the tractor is my bonus son, Danny, and this pose of his cracks me up! Have a great day!

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    • I thought of you for several reasons when I took this picture. First, it was at a Culver’s where we ate on the way home from Michigan. Second, the Culver’s had a tractor out front. It would be fun to see you sitting up there on that tractor. So, if you are ever near Effingham, Illinois, …you might think about stopping at the Culver’s! We are enjoying our travels. We’ve done a lot in Grand Tetons NP. Today we head to Yellowstone. Hope you are having fun, too. Safe travels!


  2. At first I wondered if someone drove their tractor to the store. Ha ha. Around here, it would not surprise me. Last week in a tiny town NW of Kansas City, I saw a man drive his lawnmower from the street, right up to the front door of a Casey’s gas station. Made me smile.

    After reading the comments, I see this was at a restaurant and is a display of some sort. Fun photo. Hope your day is wonderful!

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    • A tractor at Casey’s front door! I think I would have to ask the man if I could take his picture. 🙂 Years ago, when my kids were little, we watched a movie about an old man who drove his tractor across the country to see his brother. It was called “The Straight Story.” It was a sweet movie. We’ve arrived in Yellowstone, so our day is great. I hope your day is going great, too!

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