• Good eye! Yes, this was at a Sonic – at a Love’s Travel Stop. Don’t ask me why a horse is in Sonic. And how did they get it inside? 🙂
      Enjoy your day!


  1. I’m guessing this is at a restaurant/fuel stop. Don’t you just love how some businesses choose to decorate? Is this guy in keeping with the theme or name of the businesses, Betty? Inquiring minds want to know 😉

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    • Hi Terry! Yes, you are right. This was at a Sonic at a Love’s Travel Stop. We were “west”, so I guess it was in keeping with the area’s theme. It was different! Hope you have a good Friday!

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  2. This reminds me of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There, as it’s very similar to this, there was a life size raptor(or dinosaur) in side a regional fast food joint. At least, being that you’re in Wyoming, or I’m guessing that’s where it was taken, the cowboy makes sense

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    • Yes, you’re right. The cowboy on the horse was appropriate for the area we were in. The fast food place in the UP sounds crazy, too. I like it! Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

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