1. That’s a first for me. We’ve been to lots of rodeos over the years, and some very recently – and have never once seen a cowboy on a cell phone inside the arena. Now, you can bet I’ll be watching for it. Great photo!

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    • Well, it was before the actual rodeo began, but it still kind of surprised me, too. 🙂 It will be interesting to see if you see this, too. Have a great day, Terry!


    • Oh yes! Growing up, our phone was in a hallway. I’d put the cord under the door, close the door to my bedroom and talk in private! I also remember we could only talk on the phone so long! Someone else might be trying to call. Our home had a little alcove for the phone and underneath that was a laundry chute to the basement. 🙂 Fun times! Have a great Friday!

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