1. Oh my! This brought back memories of last autumn as we were driving through Nebraska on our way south for the winter. There was an entire herd of cattle being driven straight down the highway towards our motorhome! I did a video of it and if I can find it, maybe I could isolate a decent frame. I was pretty nervous about the cattle. I can’t imagine how I’d have felt if it was bison/buffalo. Great shot and thanks for the memories, Betty!

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    • You are so welcome! What a sight that must have been to see all those cattle on the highway! Those bison are huge! We went through bison jams several times, and I was very glad to be in our Ford Expedition! Hope you have a great day, Terry!

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        • We saw several bison jams during our stay. We saw a guy walk out of his car to get closer to a bison, so he could take a picture. The bison did decide to play. It began walking towards him. The guy walked quickly back to his car, but he had to zig-zag through the line of cars to slow down the bison. Stupid and dangerous! Too bad I didn’t capture a video of it on my cell phone for my blog! 🙂


    • Magnificent is the perfect word to describe them! They are amazing to see and to watch. I hope we will get to Custer State Park in the future. I’ve heard and read so much about how great it is, including your blog posts! Hope you have a great day, too!


  2. Buffalo traffic jams are the best! I was so excited when one of the groups included a baby. Of course, there was the jackhole in a vehicle ahead of us that threw his soda on one of the buffalo. That sort of thing infuriates me.

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    • Why do people like that even visit Yellowstone? Obviously, they don’t appreciate it! Fortunately, most people do respect our national parks and the wildlife. I know you and I certainly do!


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