Yellowstone – Day 3 – Storm Point Trail

Trail with Yellowstone Lake on the left.  The trail goes through the forest.
Storm Point Trail

We started this day with a hike on Storm Point Trail. This trail was 3 miles from our campsite. It was a very scenic 2.3 mile hike.

The trail is a loop, but it culminates at a rocky point called “Storm Point.”

We saw very few people on our hike, probably less than five. However, we did see two people sitting on the rocks at Storm Point. They were just sitting there quietly, looking out. They were not talking and were within our view for several minutes. They chose a perfect place to sit in silence and reflect. I could do this, but I’m not sure how long Dan could go without talking.

After Storm Point, the trail goes back through the forest. This trail is sometimes closed in spring and early summer due to bear activity. Yikes! I didn’t know that at the time, but we did bring bear spray with us.

Rocky outcroppings on the trail with the Yellowstone Lake.
Storm Point Trail
Trail through the forest.
Storm Point Trail

After our hike, it was time to do some laundry. I’m sorry to tell you I did not take a picture of the Fishing Bridge laundromat; although, it was very nice. There were plenty of machines. Everything looked new and was in good working order.

Two points to note. The washing machines were front loaders. Each machine had a large sign that said, “DO NOT USE PODS.” We were told the pods get stuck in the front of the machine, and the soap does not get dispensed. Of course, we had brought Tide pods, so we just bought some powder detergent from a machine on the wall.

My second point is to note the cost of doing two loads of laundry. Including the laundry detergent, our two loads cost a total of $14. Just so you know.

A small group of purple daisies.
Everything was
Fresh as a Daisy

A shower area is also located right near the laundry room. I guess if you spend $14 to get clean clothes, you’ll want to shower before putting on any fresh clothes. When we checked into our campground, we were given a card for free showers. I think our card allowed for 20 showers.

Otherwise, showers cost, and I’m sorry again because I do not recall how much. But I think it’s fair to say, it ain’t cheap.

Since we had full hookups and a shower in our travel trailer, we donated our free showers. We gave it to the shower desk, and asked them to give away as the attendant saw fit. This way, some people could take a shower but not get taken to the cleaners! Ha Ha

Later on, we went to Lake Lodge where we had heard wifi was available on the front porch. Woo hoo! I had written a post and just needed to add the pictures. At the lodge, we saw a sign with the wifi password, but the wifi was so slow, we would have needed reservations for several more days in order to connect to the internet. We headed back to our campsite.

In the early evening, we saw a rainbow. Even though I know the scientific explanation, I still like to think of a rainbow as a divine symbol of hope. It was a good way to end this day.

Edge of Fishing Bridge campground lined with trees.  A rainbow is in the sky.
Fishing Bridge RV Park
Yellowstone National Park


  1. Day 3 sounds like my kind of day with that hike. That’s a hefty price to pay for laundry! At the laundromat at our RV park, I believe it cost less than that for four loads. Beautiful photos, Betty! Just out of curiosity- are you shooting all of these with your phone?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Terry. The hike was really nice – very scenic, and not too short and not too long. 🙂 Yes, all of my pictures are taken with my phone. I do some editing with Google photos basic tools – mostly cropping and choosing the automatic filter to adjust the light. Enjoy your day!

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  2. When we vacation for a week or less, we take all the clothes we will need. We also try to find accommodation (Airbnb) that have laundry facilities available free of charge, especially for longer vacations. No laundry time (or money) needed. I did recently check price of using washer and dryer at a hotel that we stayed at. I can see why your laundry costs were so high!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those are good strategies. Who wants to spend time doing laundry while traveling? 🙂 Yes, $14 is a lot for laundry – and it was only two loads! Fortunately, that is the only time we had to pay to do laundry on our trip. Hope you have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great post. However, I’ll leave the hikes to you. As for laundry, it may take a week to get our laundry done, but having the washer/dryer in the coach has been a lifesaver this trip. I absolutely love the way you ended the post, with a rainbow, which is indeed a divine sign of hope. Have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, having a washer/driver in the coach would be great! We recently went to an RV show and saw a new coach with a washer/dryer in it. You are lucky to have that feature! Needless to say, the $14 didn’t look so bad when compared to the price of that coach. 🙂 Yes, this day was a good day to see a rainbow. I hope you have a great day, too.


  4. Doing laundry for our family of 5 is one thing that I do not miss about full-time RVing. At a certain point, pretty early on, I stopped calculating how much money I was spending to do a load of laundry. There were some places where it was just absolutely ridiculous!

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    • Oh yes, we love having our own shower. When we go to Michigan every July, we only have electrical hook ups. There is a pump out service and a long hose to refill water though. We go to great extent to figure out our showers, so we can shower in our own trailer. Glad you had a chuckle. Enjoy your day!


    • Thank you, David. Sometimes when I am writing, silly stuff just starts occurring to me. So, I go with it. I’ll sit there and laugh while I type, and I hope others see the humor, too. When I started blogging, I didn’t know my writing was going to take me places as I wrote. In any case, I am glad to know you see and appreciate the humor! Enjoy your day!

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  5. A hike followed by laundry. Sounds like a routine day for an RVer. I hate having to do laundry when traveling. I’ve often thought someone should invent disposable clothes. You know, you wear them until they are dirty then throw them away. Kind of like the paper plates we use so we don’t have to do the dishes. They don’t need to be stylish, at least not for me, just functional. Think of the time saved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now, those disposable clothes don’t sound too bad to me, but would it be a one size fits all? That could get a little tricky! I agree with you; I don’t like spending our time doing laundry. I’ll usually ask Dan, are you sure we have to do laundry? Can’t we wait until we’re home? What if we bought you another 12 pack of underwear? 🙂 That might get me another day or two, but eventually, it’s laundry day.


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