Yellowstone – Day 6 – A Time to Leave

Check Out Box at Yellowstone with a hand holding the Chambers checkout ticket.

It was time to say good-bye to Yellowstone. We were headed south – to Dallas. It would take us four days to get there. We headed out of Yellowstone National Park through the East Entrance.

When we came into Yellowstone, it was by way of the South Entrance. The drive was short from Grand Teton National Park, and we saw a lot of forests that were in the process of recovering from a fire years back. There was also quite a bit of construction.

By contrast, leaving through the East Entrance was stunning. I wish I would have taken notes! We drove through a canyon, past two state parks, and some national forests with camping. To the east of Cody, there were BLM lands with dispersed camping. If we were the boon-docking type, this area would be a gold mine. Instead, we just gawked at the beauty of the area as we drove through and headed to our campground with a full hook up site.

Canyon with a railroad track and a river running along the bottom of it.
Scenic Drive as we left Yellowstone through its East Entrance

Here’s our route, in case you ever need to go from Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone to Dallas, Texas.

Fishing Bridge RV Park to Casper, WY

292 miles. We stayed at the Casper KOA Journey. The KOA was fine. “The Hangar Bar and Grill” was a short walk from the campground. We enjoyed our dinner there. The memories from this day include the beautiful drive from Yellowstone to Cody. I would also add Cody looked like a nice place to spend a few days.

Casper, WY to Limon, CO

363 miles. Again, we stayed at a KOA. It was fine. Here we walked to a local pizza place and got a salad to go with our spaghetti. On our walk, we walked by something called “The Blade.”

Our travel trailer and Expedition at a campsite
Limon KOA Journey
One blade of a solar windmill
The Blade

Limon, CO to Amarillo, TX

337 miles. Again, we stayed at another KOA Journey. The KOA was just fine and had lots of folksy decor around the campground.

Metal sculpture:  A character playing a string instrument
Metal Sculpture:  A cactus cowboy
Metal Scrulpture:  A bluebird

Amarillo, TX to Dallas, TX

354 miles. Thank heavens we made it safely to Dallas. No KOA for us this time. This time, we parked our travel trailer in front of Michael and Allie’s beautiful home, and that is where we stayed for the next three nights.

A metal "Welcome" sign shaped like an oval.  Inside the oval is a horse and a cowboy on bended knee in front of a cross.


  1. The Blade looks like a windmill blade. Was it supposed to be outdoor art? “Folksy decor” was a good one, although I really liked the bird statue and would welcome that in my yard. I’m sure you had a great time in Dallas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it is a windmill blade.It looks like it is placed in an area which could become a park isn’t yet. There is also a sign near there which says “development opportunity.” It was good we went to Dallas. I like the bird statue, too! Enjoy your Fall day!

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  2. I too recognized “the blade” as a wind turbine blade. From the distance they don’t look so big atop those tall white poles but seeing a blade on the ground really puts the whole windmill into perspective. On my two drives out west to deliver dollhouses, I was amazed to see so many wind turbines in Texas, the state defined by oil. Glad you made it to your Texas destination safely and hopefully you enjoyed their amenities.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the past, I have heard Clark Howard talking about how Texas is a leader in wind and solar power. Anything to help with the air conditioning, I guess! In any case, thank you for your well wishes. Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. KOA’s are a reliably good place to stay. It’s the RVer’s Holiday Inn. I imagine you guys were exhausted after four days of travel. But, at least now, you have the memories of Yellowstone to reflect on. Have a good stay with your son.

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